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Swollen itchy toes

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by mumofthree, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. robertharris750

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    If the problem is occurred in winter then it is called Chabillians which caused because of cold and changing climate. Itchy toes can be of many reasons like allergy, fungus or eating disorders. Antibiotic ointments, Anti-parasitic drugs, ice packs on the affected part of the toes or feet can help reduce skin irritation, inflammation, swelling and redness.
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    You are all stupid and WRONG.
    What this individual described before is swollen, tender, itchy toes.
    NO mention of frostbite or extreme temperature changes.
    this person needs to see a podiatrist or dermatologist.
    It could be a bacterial or fungal infection that could require topical or oral medication

    You people need to not assume things and give people advice that can hurt them.
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    I'm 20 years old and have also been experiencing exactly the same as what a lot of you have said. It has only started recently for me. It started on my right foot, second toe, right at the top. It started swelling under my nail and became extremely itchy.
    Only the past two days it has started on my left foot, third toe and has the exact same symptons. For me it becomes worse in the evenings because my unit is so incredibly cold and jumping straight into a warm bed sends my toes crazy and very itchy. Especially when I wear shoes (eg runners and boots) my toes rub together and become a lot more irritated. Let's hope this isnt long term ! So the basic recommendations are creams and ginger water. Anything else that's quick and effective ?
  4. Unregistered

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    I am dealing with the same thing mine started at the beginning of winter though. I thoight it could be athletes foot but it doesnt look like it andreading these posts along woth some other research im convince its chilblains or what not. However im always tryi g to keep every part of me warm during the winter because i have to walk to and from work along with other places so im hoping that assoon as winter breaks and we stop with the cold weather it will heal. Oh and im only 22 years old.
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    I'm aged 11 and my 2nd toe on the right is really itchy and when i itch it it starts to pain which makes me want to chop my toe out. Its really big compared to my other toes and its taller that the first toe. We are currently staying in a place where there's mosquitoes and more annoying insects so you think that's the problem. What is the maximum days of pain before you tell a doctor? Thanks. Sorry for your time. If anyone has time may you please email back so i know because im kinda scared. Good luck with the people who are suffering it too! Take care
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    please let me know what is oing on
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    I have the same problem, i wear socks and shoes everyday for my college. i am a 21yr old girl. please suggest me sumthing. i cnt walk properly. this thing happened to my right great toe, right little toe nd left middle toe.
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  8. At first, I thought I had athlete's foot, but when I googled 'athlete's foot', the symptoms didn't match what I'm dealing with. When I did further research on google, I saw the 'Chilblains' and said, "BINGO" - that's what I have. The only minor thing is, my toes don't bruised, but more like small, pufffy blister-like redness along the edge of the toenails on the three toes between my pinkie and big toe on both feet. They are sore, itchy, red and, when I walk, I can feel the soreness and tightness in the skin on the bottom of the swollen toes. It also keeps me up at night with the itching because of the warmth under the covers. When I get up in the morning, the itching subsides, but still feel the redness, soreness and tightness. The only thing I have available to me now to treat it or get rid of the Chilbains is ibuprofen, so I'll try that and see how that works. I usually use the ibuprofen for headaches that I get now and again, but if it'll help get rid of the Chilbains, I'm willing to try it and see what happens. Gonna also try some cocoa butter cream and see what that does.
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  11. Uma

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    This is only happening to one toe on the left foot and it's the second to big toe. Last morning I bent my toe a certain way and it gave me this weird feeling that I wanted to itch it really bad but only for like half a second, then later that night it was swollen, sweaty red and REALLY itchy. My big toe itched too but only in a certain spot, right in the cuticle area. Right now it is swollen and red, but only itches when you touch it.

  12. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    I am 17 years old and my 2nd and 3rd toe on both of my feet get itchy, red/ purple, swollen, and extremely sensitive when they are warm. Whenever I wear my boots at school this happens, when I sleep at night and my feet are under my covers this happens, when I have been wearing socks for a while, basically whenever my feet get warm. I went to the doctors about 2 years ago and they told me it was athletes foot so they gave me some cream to put on my toes but it never worked. I have looked up my symptoms and the best thing I found was Chilblains but from what I understood Chilblains happens when your feet are cold but mine happens when my feet are warm so I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what is wrong. I went to the doctors again yesterday and he told me that my circulation in both feet was good so he's not sure what it could be so he wants to send me to me a specialist but he said that could take a while.
  14. I did an internet search on this because I have reynaud's and/or chilblains (diagnosed when I was a teen). It's driving me nuts at the moment. Note that it is the temperature change that really makes it flare. So if your feet get cold, heat them up gradually. When you go from cold to hot with this condition blood leaks from the blood vessels causing the inflammation. I'm paying big time for having taken a hot shower after walking my dog in the cold.
  15. gabbi

    gabbi Guest

    im 14 and i have it on my left foot and its peeling could it be from my blisters from marching band?
  16. I must tell you you are not alone, my daughter only 9 is having same issue, suddenly felt very itchy she scratched it until her skin peeled "she said" then got swelled with blisters on the sides of the toe dr. Prescribed Fucidin ointment got a little better and then got worst now taking antibiotics Teva Cephalexin, don't see much improvement 3 days after taking Cephalexin, I don't have the answer but promise to post once get positive results. If anyone has a any related issue or result pls help, and hope feel better to everyone with same issue.
  17. Brenda

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  18. Mary b

    Mary b Guest

    Thank you all so much for this input. I have just moved back to WA after 30years away and I have Reynauds. I definitely have villains and it is SUCH a relief to have found this source of sympathy, knowledge and advice. Bless you all,and thank you.
  19. My pinky toe on my right foot and my fourth toe on my left foot are both very swollen, red, itchy, and I have a blister like thing on both of my toes. I found out these were on my feet when I just woke up and I was going outside to put my dogs in their pin and let them go to the bathroom. Anyways as I was walking to go put them in the pin my toes started hurting every time I took a step. I put my dogs in the pin and looked down at my feet (and btw I wasn't wearing shoes cause the pin is like right there) and they were red, and swollen with a blister like thing on them. I kinda blew it off my shoulder and didn't really care but then they started itching like crazy a few days later and also the hurting stopped but the only time they hurt was when I got done scratching the itching spot, it felt like a stinging pain. I have had it for about 5 days now and I don't know what it is, I've tried itching cream to treat it well at least the itching (which didn't work and it was the expensive itching lotion at Walmart that you could get) and I just want it to stop.
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