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The Asics Metarun - 'Performance Mastered'

Discussion in 'Podiatry Arena' started by Admin, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Is this Asics answer to the Adidas, 'Greatest running shoe ever'?

    Nothing in English yet, so you need google translate:
    http://www.asics.com/jp/ja-jp/metarun (Japanese)
    http://corrida4fun.com.br/2015/10/29...dos-os-tempos/ (Brazil)

    built with a revolutionary foam midsole, the new technology FlyteFoam achieved an incredible 55% reduction in weight compared to the industry standard
    the AdaptTruss technology with carbon fiber provides the MetaRun incredible stability and excellent flexibility. This helps reduce the impact of medial forces on the foot; thus MetaRun remains flexible during the race but gain rigidity if the foot turns too, ensuring a reliable stability over any distance.
    Teaser from Asics:

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