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Topaz surgery

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by sln1234, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. sln1234

    sln1234 New Member

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    Is there anyone out there that has had Topaz surgery recently? I had it just about 2 weeks ago and I am in seriious pain. I can't walk and I have other problems now that are occuring. I am in the Indianapolis area. If anyone is out there from the Indy area could you tell me a good doctor to see.
  2. The Topaz procedure did absolutely nothing to help my partially torn achilles tendon. The doctor indicated this procedure works for all of his patients. Clearly it does not. In fact, my foot is in even more pain than I had originally and there is a marked increase in scar tissue surrounding the site. The procedure was done over 5 months ago and I still cannot walk without pain. The doctor (Doc T. Bouldry, KC) seemed more interested in performing this latest and greatest procedure, rather than alleviating patient pain. Very disappointed. Would NOT recommend this procedure, for torn achilles tendon. A huge waste of money and time.

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