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Treatment for burning feet

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by 2burningfeet, Oct 25, 2008.


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    Like Sknuettel, I have also been diagnosed with burning feet syndrome (Grierson-Gopalan syndrome). The best treatment I have found is to soak my feet in cold (not freezing) water, making sure that my feet are completely submerged. I then smother them in Neem cream (although Body Shop's Body Butter is a good alternative) before going to sleep. This is the only thing I've found helps. However, the hotter the weather the worse my feet get and then very little eases the discomfort. This is probably why I like snow so much.
  2. Achenstrasse

    Achenstrasse Guest

    I can't see from the various comments that Diabetes has been mentioned as a possible cause. I know the original question was how to cool the feet ( & I've found putting a cold wet towel on them is the best way) but if the person has diabetes then it will only get worse. I have type 2 diabetes. I've found "DiabetAid" made by INSIGHT Pharaceuticals Corp (From Langhorne PA) - tel 1-800-344-7239 to be good. It's a Pain & Tingling relief lotion for diabetics. Also Vaseline Feet & Legs stimulating lotion (made by Unilever) is good as it contains menthol & eucalyptus. Any lotion that contains menthol should help.
  3. Achenstrasse

    Achenstrasse Guest

    I can't see from the various comments that Diabetes has been mentioned as a possible cause. I know the original question was how to cool the feet ( & I've found putting a cold wet towel on them is the best way) but if the person has diabetes then it will only get worse. I have type 2 diabetes. I've found "DiabetAid" made by INSIGHT Pharaceuticals Corp (From Langhorne PA) - tel 1-800-344-7239 to be good. It's a Pain & Tingling relief lotion for diabetics. Also Vaseline Feet & Legs stimulating lotion (made by Unilever) is good as it contains menthol & eucalyptus . Any lotion that contains menthol should help.
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I suffered with burning feet that started with tingling then all of a sudden miserable, unresolvable burning...most often a night but also random times during the day.
    After endless research and reading almost everything possible on the web....I can
    finally say, in my case (AND I"M SURE IN MANY OTHERS) this is related to "micro-organisms" that overtake your system when your immune system is compromised (stress, flu, lack of vits etc.), and what better place then moving on down to your feet where circulation and lack of oxygen can provide optimum comfort.

    The way I tested this...is by soaking my feet in 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. The weird thing is, after I soaked them...the pain would leave and I could feel it move up my legs...Which helped me put "two & two" together.

    I went extreme and went through many natural detox options...but all in all, the ONE that
    WORKED was natural herbs that are proven to eradicate yeast, bacteria etc...YUP! I used them all...I was soooo tired of researching...

    Licorice Root, Thyme Extract, Garlic cloves & Garlic tabs, Oil of Oregano, Turmeric, Olive Leaf Extract, steamed beets...

    You can either use the above mentioned; even if your a really healthy eater and have cleansed you will still go through detox symptoms...You may want to Google the "Heximer Reaction" to better understand this process. The key is drink lots of water during this process and don't take herbs at night for the first few days "while your not drinking water."

    Or talk to your Dr. about antibiotics and gamble kicking it in the --- conventional style...
    However, from what I've read...this seems a messy process on a whole.

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  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have had a very similar experience over the last 6 to 8 months with burning and severe pain in only one foot. It was very sweaty and red also.
    It was diagnosed as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRIPS.

    Good luck to all and take care

  6. nikki

    nikki Guest

    Re: Treatment for burning feet and hands

    I am having the same problem right now. I am scheduled to see a neurologist on the 24t of Jan.
    The burning is so intense right now I am thinking of going tp the hospital. What I have learned about the constant burning and tingling in your hands and feet is it is your body telling you that something is wrong. It can be a sign that you are threatening a stroke,liver damage,ms,kidney failure etc. If you need to,you tell the doctors what test you will like them to runif they cant figure out what the problem is. WHatever you do dont ignore the signs. Its normally one of the first signs letting you know something is wrong. If you ignore it the problem can become worst and untreatable.
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  7. judith

    judith Guest

    Thanks to all who have posted on burning feet. I have had it for months and I remember having it some years ago too. I also have restless legs long term. In the last few weeks my hands (palms) and cheeks have also started to burn. I will try to get a diagnosis but my GP just looked nonplussed when I mentioned it recently and said see how it goes. I am menoapusal having come off HRT recently after many years. I also have possible nerve damage from a 'slipped disc' and sciatica a few years ago. I dream about packets of frozen peas but of course mostly I don't sleep! I have found that if I use a cold 'hot water' bottle or two every night it really helps if I put it under my thighs - this seems to draw away the heat from my feet which are the main problem.
    Am about to try B vitamins and cutting alcohol. I also have pain in my feet at times and fallen arches used to be a problem. I think my kidneys may be on the blink. Anyway it's good to know am not alone here...J
  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    i have terrible burning feet when i lay down at night. i found taking an iron supplement helped. I dont eat much meat and my dr said i was anemic. definately helped out my burning feet. didnt cure but lessened it a lot. worth a try . you can get iron supplement at your grocery store and it is only a couple of dollars
  9. robertharris750

    robertharris750 New Member

    Burning feet and heel pain really troubles lot to many.. Few of the things you can do is to give your foot some massage, don't wear faulty shoes, roll your leg on a ball or frozen water bottle,
    Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin B (like whole grains, nutritional yeast and brown rice
    Elevate your foot above chest and take rest. try and lay on the floor or the couch with your feet raised. Contact Foot specialists for better advice.
  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had been suffering with burning feet for over 1 year ,I tried all remedies but nothing seemed to work,I went to see my GP and I was prescribed a cream called Capsaicin 0.075%(Axsain) this cream works wonders ,I apply at night before I sleep ,and now am having goodnight sleep.Please speak to your Doctor if ok he could prescribe this treatment for you .Goodluck
  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    well mine doesn't actually burn but it's like this very uncomfortable feeling that I can't get rid of so each night I end up going to bed with a very wet cloth draped over it if not no sleep that night
  12. RonnieNelis

    RonnieNelis Guest

    I found my solution, after 4 years of trying.

    In my case, the cause of the problem was taking too much vitamine B6: This will damage your nerve system, starting by your feet. Itching, burning, starts at night, can't stand socks, shoes, always barefoot: even in the winter. Healthy food didn't fix it: I'm following a strict SCD diet for over 6 years, didn't do anything for burning feet.

    And yes, all this caused by just a daily vitamine supplement that contained way too much B6. Up to dangerous levels. So if you're suffering from burning feet: Check if you use too much B6. You can ask your doctor to measure it, or you can check the labels of whatever you're eating. This was the only thing that helped me: foot / magnesium baths, food massage, excercise, healthy food, herbs, B12, that all didn't work out to fix it. Only cutting the B6 did.
  13. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    i also have physically hot (my wife feels them and agrees) feet mainly at night though sometimes during the day but that rarely bothers me as my job keeps my mind off it (lol). The heat sessions would last for 20 minutes to seemingly hours and prevent me from falling asleep for hours. No pain, just heat and frustration.

    This may sound crazy and don't get me wrong, I've soaked my feet in cold water, stood in snow or on freezing cold tiles/pavement which helped at times and I will try some of the recommended natural suggestions posted earlier but...before there was Google I have always thought my body was losing heat through my feet and I thought it would never end trying to leave through my feet. So, I nbegan to wear a pair of socks at night so "the heat won't escape' and the burning heat has subsided. It takes a few minutes, but the burning heat subsides after about 5-10 minutes. I wear socks every night, every season regardless of the room temperature, and the burning heat decreased for sure - again, not gone completely but definitely not a burning hot problem any more.

    Again, I will try to monitor what I eat and drink, increase my water intake, and do many of the natural and sensible things others suggested, but for the past few years any old pair of socks has been my savior. I am not a doctor and am only sharing what works for me and my burning hot feet.

    I will try and post again if any of the previous suggestions others posted helps. Good luck and good sleep (I hope)!
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
  14. nikky

    nikky New Member

    I am 55. This is what I do to reduce e my hurting feet at night. I put one leg on my other knee and pull up the down leg so that my knee touches my chest and stretch and do same to the other leg. This process revives the damaged nerves and cools off the feet. Don't use anything hot in your feet
  15. Rona

    Rona Guest

  16. Annecullen

    Annecullen Guest

    I have been suffering for years but just recently they have got worse. Hot water bottle helps filled with cold water helps, would love to know why my feet are fine all day and I'm in bed ten minutes when they start.
  17. anjali

    anjali Guest

  18. Manda17

    Manda17 Guest

    I have always had problems with hot feet at night. As young as 8, I can remember trying to cool them down up against the window next to my bed but often frustrated at my pulsating feet consuming me with discomfort, I would wet towels with cold water and finally get relief enough to eventually get to sleep with them over my feet. The interesting thing is that I also have Reynolds disease, my toes are very reactive to the cold they turn white and numb quickly and easily. This is incredibly annoying and uncomfortable, it can be difficult to get them sufficiently warmed up at times during the day too! I think it's a microvascular problem with me. Either too dilated or constricted!
  19. Elaineperp

    Elaineperp Guest

  20. Elaineperp

    Elaineperp Guest

    Did you ever get this resolved? The exact same thing happens to me. In exactly the same thing as you described.

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