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Type II dorsal accessory navicular?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by aubergine, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. aubergine

    aubergine New Member

    I visited a manual medicine doc because I was having some trouble with my left foot and leg behaving unreliably. She found that I had a tibial torsion deviating my foot outward and my knee was somewhat twisted as well putting pressure on a nerve. She noticed a hard bump on the dorsal surface of my foot, wondering whether it was causing the limited range of my ankle in dorsiflexion. She ordered an x-ray; the radiologist reported my old osteochondritis but nothing else. When I looked at the film there was a prominent bump extending from the top of my navicular, clearly the cause of the limited ROM. I have tried looking up type II dorsal accessory naviculars with no success. My foot rolls medially inan attempt to dorsiflex more and my knee deviates medially on flexion. I have decided to strengthen my foot the way it is but is this really something no one would pay attention to? (in adfition my forefeet are varus and hip extension limited on that side).

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