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uncontrolled itching in arch of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by DMartin, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. hanibal

    hanibal Guest

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  2. Cheryl

    Cheryl New Member

    Cured! It started a few days ago and I know my diet has not been good at all lately, plus I've been eating too much sugar, which can make your whole pH acidic. Anywho, I drank a large glass of water with about a tsp of baking soda in it and it is gone now only took one day. Gone by the next night. Will be following this up with lemon water instead of all the soda I've been drinking from now on so this doesn't happen again. You can check your pH with strips or just try the baking soda water..can't hurt.
  3. Emily

    Emily Guest

    It's possible that it may be a form of plantar fasciitis. I have had itching that seems to come from deep inside both of my arches with no visible external symptoms. I suspect I may have overstretched the tendons during my yoga class. It doesn't always have to be sports-related… Perhaps yours is this type of injury.
  4. The Doctor

    The Doctor Guest

    It is tarsal tunnel syndrome where the nerve that runs along the arch of the foot to the big toe (medial plantar nerve) becomes irritated when passing through the tarsal tunnel behind the maleous process. Like carpal tunnel in the wrist.
  5. bonnie

    bonnie Guest

  6. Dana

    Dana Guest

    My itch started in my early 30's. I'm 44 Now.
    It is an internal, uncontrollable, unbearable itch on the right side of the ball of my right foot.
    Itches SO BAD like there is a worm in there.
    I use keys, screwdrivers, cement and my left big toenail to scratch it at night when it acts up the worst.
    It comes and goes. I'll have it for a few months, then it goes away for a few months.
    I have tried every topical cream, but to no avail as the itch is internal- no outer pro lens other than the hole I've created from scratching it so hard.
    I use essential oils for other purposes and one night I tried something. I mixed equal parts Thyme and Sage oil. Applied it to cotton ball then covered with a Band-Aid. It actually works, praise be to gawd... But I'm finally seeing a doctor tomorrow morning because I will demand that they cut my freaking foot open and fix this.
    It's crazy making.
  7. MazBot

    MazBot Guest

    I've had this more than 20 years.... I've just been six months clear and it's flared up again, I've scratched it so badly I yet again have a massive blister!
    It's only my right foot, nothing visible (except the blister), and it feels like it's right inside. I mentioned it to the doctor about 15 yrs ago and he wasn't really interested!
    I've scratched it with everything! Come on, someone must have an answer!
  8. Janie

    Janie Guest

    Wow! This week am having spaghetti. I cooked enough for three days ate some yesterday n getting d itch today. I have to watchout for this acid tin. U maybe right
  9. Fran CW

    Fran CW Guest

  10. Fran CW

    Fran CW Guest

    My husband has this crazy, desperate foot itch too. I am here seeking an answer. Best luck to all of us.
  11. Hailey

    Hailey Guest

  12. Hailey

    Hailey Guest

    I have the same issue!! It sounds weird but I stole my daughter's Barbie because the hands and feet on Barbie are just pointy enough to relieve my itching without the flexibility I get from using my nails.
  13. Jimbob

    Jimbob Guest

    HA ha ha OMG Electricity?? Really? Speaking of Retards this one is top of the list.


    I also have the terrible itching deep in back half of my right arch. It's not a surface condition. (i.e. athlete's foot, eczema, etc.) Some people posted that they also had itching at the base of the right thumb also. I also have that symptom but not always at the same time. I attribute the itching in my hand to arthritis as my mother has the same symptom in her arthritic hand. So I think some of us should try arthritis relief treatments and post our results.
    There have been a couple of hundred responses say "I have the same symptoms!" without explaining your known working treatment. Well that just doesn't help anyone one tiny bit to know that you have it too. Yes I know, I know I did that exact same thing, but I had to in order to give credit to the rest of my post. So don't waste our time telling me I just did what I said not to do, ok.
    What will actually really help is posting
    actual relief remedies. It's really what these forums are for, to help each other. So after some research I'm going to try some of the strongest capsaicin topical ointment I can find and post my results.
    Thank you all for sticking with this long rambling post.
    I hope we can all work together and find relief.
  15. Minet

    Minet Guest

    Please keep to post going. I want you all to know because of desperation, am prepared to try your theories. So far I have tried:
    - every ointment there is that bed drawer looked like a chemiat extension. I tried cortizone, hydrocortisone, tricortone of different brands too. At one point, I tried them all at the same time...hang on, i might try acetone later hahaha
    - i tried soaking my feet in hot water with magnesium then puting one of the "sones" above wrapping it in warm wet sock them later just putting dermeze ointment...fixes the itch for about 3-4 hours...
    - i am taking "super vit b complex" supplement.
    - done alot of blood test(liver, kidney, blood, vit d, some of them i don't know already)
    - even tried soaking my feet with my own urine. This is the useless of all.
    - most useless are my GPs. They are not taking me seriously that i am just there asking for tests we could do. Next I'll ask for neurologist.
  16. Lorin

    Lorin Guest

  17. Lorin

    Lorin Guest

    I also have the same itching in my left arch. i notice mine is worse in the summer. I also have RLS and terrible problems with my feet. Fractures , spurs stuff like that they always hurt. I do see a podiatrist and he told me they call them hot spots not much they can do because they're not usually fungal or anything like that.
  18. Dee

    Dee Guest

    I noticed this sudden itching under my right foot back in 2005. It comes on suddenly and I have to take my shoes off and scratch with my keys, pen or other sharp objects. It sometimes happens while driving, which is not a pleasant task when it happens, I usually have to pull over, take shoes off and scratch. Throughout the years, have notices it changes to left foot as well. It alternates from right to left. Perhaps it is due to stress. I thought I was the only one that suffers from this weird experience. I would scrub the bottom of my feet with a pumice stone when in shower, and that seems to keep it dormant for awhile.
  19. Minet

    Minet Guest

    Ok kids. Something worked for me wohoo. I've been seeing a physical therapist for sometime now for a different reason. My back. So, after seeing this forum because of my itchy arch on both feet, read someone posted about a neurologist and said something about the nerves. So, when i saw my PT, i told her about another symptom that i never told her because i thought it wasn't hers to solve. I told her about the itching, been to several dermatologists and podiatrists but they found nothing. She gave me simple stretching and it seems to working! See a physio if you want. She gave 2 sets of stretching. On a slouch sitting position, one foot at a time, stretch it forward with toes pointing towards you and head down. Then stretch it downwards with toes pointing downwards too and your head facing ceiling. Do to each leg 5x each. About 2-3x a day. My explanation might be a bit confusing so see a physio for a clearer instruction. Good luck :)
  20. ploramicas

    ploramicas New Member

    I have also read the 12 pages of posts and am dealing with itchy dry red foot arches, actually there are red bumps all over the top of my feet now too. I´m on a mission to eat all my antibacterial foods and vitamins. The ONLY thing that has relieved my itch is to sit there with a bag of frozen peas under my feet. Numb those bastards! lol

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