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uncontrolled itching in arch of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by DMartin, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Claude

    Claude Guest

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    Hi everyone, I finally got rid of after 6 months of an illness, I had an itch at a point of the right foot (in the bow) at random moments of the day, especially after eating or in the evening. The problem was due to a jaw loss due to a devitalized tooth and too low compared to the original tooth. After inserting a new capsule I did not have the itch. Probably when I serried my teeth I generated a nerve loss that came to my feet, out of my mind! I recommend you check your jaw
  2. thankful

    thankful Guest

    I am blown away by the number of posts here. I've had an intense itch deep in the arch of my left foot off and on for five years now. Like others, I went from rubbing it on rough carpeting to scratching at it with rougher things--forks, and my very favorite, a piece of coral. I, too, got blisters and callouses. And then it would go away for months and I'd forget about it. And it would come back. And my physician would tell me there was nothing wrong. But surely one could not get such a very specific psychosomatic symptom?
    I'm interested to see that some of you have had success with diet.
    However, the responses that have resonated most with me are those suggesting that it is a nerve flair up (one user suggested a similarity to carpel tunnel syndrome). This makes sense to me. I do have very high arches and wear inserts in my shoes. I know that sometimes my feet hurt if I don't wear appropriately supportive shoes. Now, this wouldn't explain why I get the symptom in my left foot and not my right, but of course we aren't perfectly symmetrical. This gives me hope, though, that perhaps if I work on being more proactive about stretching and strengthening my feet, I may be able to keep the itching at bay. It is certainly nice to have an idea about something proactive I might do.
    In any event, I am so grateful to read these accounts of the same symptom in others, to know that there is a community of people with this exceedingly peculiar symptom.
  3. MsGee11

    MsGee11 Guest

    You may be on to something. I have a cold, therefore been consuming quite a bit of Orange juice. Overnight the arches in both feet has been itching uncontrollably. I'm gonna lay off the Orange juice and see what happens.
  4. Mitak

    Mitak Guest

    I just started getting this itch at 43 on my left arch. I think it's nerve related, I can feel it fade and come back... and when it fades its a warm feeling or tingling like needles- then back to an itch.

    For me, I think it's related to my lower back, , and/or diet. Some foods can contribute to inflammation, like sugar. But if we already have inflammation in our joints or somewhere in our body, I don't think it takes much for us to have weird symptoms like this.

    I agree stretching should help. Also yoga.
  5. nlf10

    nlf10 Guest

  6. nlf10

    nlf10 Guest

    i know this sounds insane! i have had this itch for years also. on pinterest i read under helpful hints to put white out on a mosquito bite to stop the itch. as most people here I will try anything. i put the whiteout on my arch 4 days ago. i have not had the itch and my arch is finally clearing from me scratching so hard its an open sore. i can't believe it myself. can't hurt to try it right? hope it works for everyone!
  7. Gene B

    Gene B Guest

  8. Pamela62

    Pamela62 Guest

    Thank God I'm not the only one. Thought I was going crazy. Read most of the threads. Is there a consensus on the the cause ?
  9. Madonna

    Madonna Guest

  10. Madonna

    Madonna Guest

    I have had the same issue for several years with a blister coming and going on the underside of my right foot on the arch. Perfectly circular, red, raised, and itch like crazy! Finally I noticed every time I had a Urinary Track Infection coincided with the blister appearing. I have been having chronic UTIs for several years. I went to a certified holistic person who tested me with a SCIO biofeedback device discovering a candida outbreak in my body and also confirmed a thyroid problem which I had already been to the doctor for. Receiving some treatments the most impactful was changing my diet eliminating sugars, yeast, processed foods especially wheats and flour. Also eliminating foods with preservatives and sugar substitutes. My chronic UTIs were eliminated unless I revert back to my old diet. I'm learning to live with these new dietary restrictions, or else. No UTI, no circular blister on my arch.
  11. Nik

    Nik Guest

    I've also had this on and off for years, I get it for a few months then it seems to go away. I had wondered if it was agrivated by running or playing squash but I've not done either for months and it's really bad at the moment. Left foot only for me. I know it's been bad as I've got a solid lump where I've been scratching so much. I also think it's a nerve thing and think it just comes and goes, I've exhausted every possible trigger and come up with nothing. Has anyone tried acupuncture?
  12. Nik

    Nik Guest

    Hi Dana, what did the doctor say?
  13. Clare

    Clare Guest

    I've lingered on this thread off an on when I have my bouts of itchy arches. I am diabetic, so I'm sure that doesn't help, but I haven't found a real correlation between my diet/exercise and the "attacks". I also asked my GP who said it had nothing to do with the diabetes and may have something to do with air blowing on my feet which expanded the capillaries (or something?), but I haven't noticed that correlation either. I also had a herniated disc (L-5) about 7 years ago that was so bad I had to have surgery that has resolved my problems (knock on wood).

    I often get the attacks while driving (dangerous!) and unlike most of you, it alternates between both feet (I've never had it in both feet at one time - thank goodness or it may have been the end of me). I also often get it in the middle of the night. Last night was the worst...normally I will have it for a little bit, eventually fall asleep by putting pressure/coolness on it by resting my arch on the lower part of my bed frame, but last night I would wake up with nothing and then after a minute it would crop back up to ruin my night until I could manage to ignore it long enough to fall back asleep.

    This morning the issue persisted...I tried many of the remedies mentioned here; I put Vick's on it from my nightstand (my standby remedy for everything), wrapped my foot up in cayenne pepper paste, tea tree oil, PT exercises, etc. to no real avail - it just seems to leave when it decides to stop torturing me. That being said, I think it is painfully obvious that this is an internal issue of some kind (nerves? circulation? tendons?) rather than some kind of skin issue. ANYWAY, long story short...I can't tell if this is just a coincidence, but I got some lotion and did a very deep massage of my arches (from heel to ball) and also massaged my Achilles and lower calf muscles and so far (I SO hope this doesn't jinx it, but wanted to share it with my fellow sufferers), it seems to have worked for now. Good luck to us all!
  14. DonC

    DonC Guest

    I have also been having this itch in my arch near by big toe. I also notice that the outside of my big toe is numb. Pretty sure it's nerve tendon related. I find if I itch hard enough there is some spasms that go on in the itchy area and there is some relief from the itch if I stretch my big toe back pretty hard. This stretch loosens the tendon in my arch. Just wish there was a cure to this, I do also have planters faciitis. I think there are some nerves being pushed on by the extra tight tendon in the arch.
  15. Baaza

    Baaza Guest

  16. Baaza

    Baaza Guest

    I have the same deep itch. I have heard it from when i was a young girl 5 years old and what Id do is to curl my toes to make it go away.
    It usually happens when i walk for ling distances.
    And then the muscles around my ankle also get stressed i have to rub them just as hard as im rubbing the undet arch of my foot.
  17. Blix

    Blix Guest

    Has nothing to do with age or sex. I am a 24 year old male and have had this for a few years now. Just the arch on my right foot. If I remember correctly it started after I stopped skateboarding so I am thinking that it has something to do with that.. No athletes foot or rashes just that horrible itchy spot that seems to come from within the arch of the foot. I am trying a bunch of different things will post if i find a remedy. Good luck to all.
  18. mike991

    mike991 Guest

    you can add me to the list i am 27 have had this in both feet since about 14 not nice i dont no how i have any skin left on my feet. i too need to use something very sharp its not nice when you r having a good scratch and go a little too deep though lol i can not put into words the relief i feel with a good scratch this is every day night its never gone away had loads of tests docs dont no what it is and nothing has ever worked so just keep sumthing shap near by sometimes wonder weather its just in my head now that its been so long lol i hope we find somthing to help 1 day
  19. Grace

    Grace Guest

    I have this same thing.. I read about this being a specific conduction that only black tar can help.
    It is impossible to find black tar anywhere.. but I have used black tar soap and it helps.
    Wish I could find the name.. but the pictures were spot on

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