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uncontrolled itching in arch of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by DMartin, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Mashell

    Mashell Guest

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    eatI have been having this itching for about two years it started after a bunion surgery. The doctors even pain services could not tell me why it was itching. It is the worst and painful thing ever. Sometimes it would get me driving and if I'm away from home I have to pull over and try to stop the itchng which doesn't work so I have to get home find some Benadryl po and cream and place some ice on it that comes of for my feet is so sensitive . I can't were any shoes except shoes that don't touch my feet, no socks or any thing . I have a closet of shoes that I can't were and it's very frustrating. I can't have fun with my family like when they go to the beach or any other things that require a lot of walking. So far the Benadryl has help but sometimes it doesn't.
  2. Deborahirene

    Deborahirene Guest

    Mine started about 2 weeks ago when we moved into a new house. Within a day or 2 both of my arches were itching horribly at night. I keep waking up, finding myself scratching them raw. It's been terrible for my already-awful sleep life. The itching is so bad it can make me nauseous, or close to tears/panic.

    It occurs mostly at night, but occasionally during the day as well. I've had to stop shopping and slip my shoe off in a store a few times.

    I've tried all the itch creams I could find, nothing helps. They honestly seem to make it worse. Benadryl (pill) doesn't help either, which was very surprising. I originally thought it was allergies since we are living in a new state and a new house (previous owners definitely had pets and left hair in the carpet), but since the benadryl didn't help... I'm still wondering if it might be some sort of insecticide.

    Unlike others, I'm not post-menopausal; I'm actually 20 weeks pregnant. Medically, I had planar fasciitis abour 8 years ago. I have fibromyalgia, so nerve issues are very possible. I've only ever had pain from touch before though; no itching. I also have had eczema intermittently in various locations, including my toes, but this doesn't seem to be following those symptoms. In ant case, the lotions that help my eczema do nothing for this.

    The only thing that gives me any relief is just scratching. Sometimes for minutes at a time. But eventually it fades for a few hours.
  3. Chris H

    Chris H Guest

  4. Chris H

    Chris H Guest

    Yes. Only on my right foot, only in the arch, only occasionally. Internal, no skin irritation.
    Happening right now, which made me Google it.
    Funny, haven't had it for some months, then ... bang! Here it is again.
  5. Willow

    Willow Guest

    I’m amazed that I’m not the only one with this bizarre issue. I had it tonight and decided to google it, low and behold there’s so many with the exact issue.

    I just turned 20 and for the last two years I’ve had an uncontrollable itch deep within the arch of my left foot. Once I scratched it so hard that it started bleeding, even with the numerous layers of dead skin my feet have because I tend to not wear shoes at home in and out of the house. But I’ve done that pretty much my whole life, it only just starting two years ago.
    However, there’s no surface issues; no redness, no fungal growth, no triggers. Just random intense itching that comes and goes. Sometimes it’s itchy every day, every other day and even after weeks of no issue.

    No matter how deep you itch, you can never quite get it. You can’t even really feel the spot as you itch because you’re just so focused on stopping the itch. I feel like I have to scratch right down to muscle or something for it to stop itching. It’s insane. Has anyone come to a conclusion about this yet?
  6. Who knew so many shared this issue?...I found the best thing to itch the bridge with the least damage is a round tipped wood beard comb..just sayin. I have one specifically for itching the bridge.
  7. Monique

    Monique Guest

  8. BrianWes

    BrianWes Guest

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  9. Random giggle

    Random giggle New Member

    Yet another fellow afflicted here. It's amazing to me that modern medicine can not figure this out. I'm 46. My case has been ongoing now for at least 20 years. May even be more, hard to say after so long. In the beginning I shrugged it off thinking it would go away.

    My symptoms are always left foot inside rear arch. Almost to the heel but not quite. I haven't spent any time trying to figure it out because all of you have already put in the work. So big thanks to everyone for your efforts.

    In the early years it would seem to come and go months at a time. Now it's here to stay I think. Im conscious of it mostly at night when I lay down in bed. It gets me when I'm working at my desk (IT Guy). Seems to happen mostly when I'm taking pressure off it, laying, sitting. It certainly happens at other times too, just walking around.

    I'm left handed and not a terribley active fella. Seasonal, dust mite, and cat allergies. Not over weight. Been drinking a beer a day since I could remember. No conditions or medical problems to speak of. I wear socks when I wear shoes and sneakers, and yes sometimes sandals too! I've been wearing the same open leather Timberland sandals for about 14 years. They have amazing arch support you just can't find anymore. (it ain't the sandals, had the dang itch well before them)

    Well that's my story, maybe some of you can relate. Funny thing, as I lay in bed here thumbing away on my phone's keyboard, the dang itch has come and gone twice. From no itch at all to omg please just end it now. Could be how I'm angling my foot, who knows. I don't scratch it, just ignore it. I guess that's also worth mentioning, I don't generally itch it, mind over matter style. It just goes away.

    Oh, one other thing. I'm prone to Charlie horses in my right leg. I'll be in the middle of a nice, I just woke up sleep stretch, right into jump out of bed hop around in immense pain.
  10. patti kalich

    patti kalich Guest

    I have same problem only right foot so deep in center of bottom of foot nothing brings relief except i use a small screw driver or a crochet needle pointed side it is almost orgasmic. scratching i dig in the center and work around as the itching often spreads to outer sides then under toes then ball almost exact everytime im often woken using my left toenail to scratch This isnt the first time ive tried to see if it could be related to organs or lymphatic fluid blockage I dont believe its skin it hasnt spread only on right foot no rash I do have several charlie horses in my toes and arches sometimes as many as 20-40 a nt they usually only last 10-30 seconds how ever for a couple years i was getting them in toes , arches moving up ankle then up shin al the way to my knee these are absolutely the worst worse then childbirth they last 10-15 minutes can not rub walk cry only a panting of sorts or an agonizing whimper begging God repeatedly to please make it stop ! pain equivalent to childbirth I was 15 96 lbs when i got preg 16 169 lbs when i gave birth had a spinal but not until head crowned which in is redundant at that point still riped even tho dr cut me to prevent so my 8lb 9 oz baby going thru birth canal was no piece of cake Had 4 more all natural so i know childbirth pain gained 55-70 lbs each time down to 114 lbs after fifth one tiny frame big babies * but the contractions only last 30-60 seconds then u have relief for a min i even was able to fall asleep inbetween contractions even if. only 45 seconds but breathing concentration and knowing its only temp and will bring a wonderful blessing is the result unlike fear of having another cramp in my ankle and shin caused so much anxiety When it finally subsided tears started flooding out of my eyes for a few min and i was paralyzed by in bed psychologically for fear of any movement below my waist I had to go use restroom for about 3 hrs but nearly had a panic attack thinking if i move a toe or ankle it will happen again ( ptsd) i finally had to move i think i picked up myleg and moved it then the other until i finally convinced myself i needed to get out of bed a d go I was scared to bend ankle or move toes to the point of i became claustrophobic and nerves made me move them anyway these happened several times 20-30 ish over about 1-2 years then the itch deep in center bottom of rt foot. began. sometimes as soon as i take off my shoes sometimes when i crawl in bed can not be ignored no oil lotion ointment massage peroxide alcohol soap work oddly i had a heated rice bag to keep me warm in my bed poor circulation and i put my foot on the almost burning bag hoping could kill if it was skin related expecting it to cause major irritation but it calmed the itch only did it that one time tho i have considered acupuncture the thot of needles poked into the itching area almost seemed like id at least feel distracted from itch and as if i was stabbing what ever tiny critter may be under my skin only bothering me when im in bed usually ? ive used a scouring pad ive shaved w a battery tool used pumas stone bleach fungi oil poison oak ointment onion nothing works

  11. Relieved

    Relieved Guest

    VICKS VAPOUR RUB. I had similar itchy spot on the arch of my left foot for 6 years or so. Tried prescribed ointments, all the scratching tools etc. My father recommended vicks, and it worked. Cover all the itchy spot and really spread it around your foot, don’t rub it in, fairly thick covering. Put on a sock. Do this in the morning, then wear the sock all day, replace again at night. Follow this routine for a couple of weeks. Mine is now COMPLETELY GONE, totally worth the goopy foot for a couple of weeks.
  12. ben33

    ben33 Guest

    i've had itchy right foot arch for a few years now. i bought an exacto blade set, a dremel with sander, apple cider vinegar, duct tape. the best thing i found to keep the itch away is just use the exacto and shave down as much as you can. i think the new skin is what is causing it. just keep at it. i kind of like when i itch it. feels damn good. i went to see a foot doctor. he sat there and scraped at it with a blade. it was probably one the best feelings of my life. he had no answers. i had blood work done and i don't have any issues. 40 years old. FYI. started a few years ago. could it be diabetes or a precursor to it?
  13. ben33

    ben33 Guest

    it actually started when i had a kid. there was an incident around that time when i was out body boarding and huge wave came out of nowhere and rag dolled me. my fins are super tight on my foot and somehow the fin came off my foot but was wrapped around my ankle still. i fractured a toe apparently, but didn't see a doctor until months after. im surprised my foot came out of the fin like that. normally i would have to lower the part that goes on the back of your ankle and then slide the foot out. the ocean is a dangerous place, maybe i got a bacteria in there or something.
  14. Oledave

    Oledave Guest

  15. revco33

    revco33 Guest

    so here it is everyone. hydroxychlorquine. vitamin C. Zinc. D3. I decided to forgo a vaccine and I found a doctor who got me setup. My itch has been gone for three weeks. I think it was a bacterial thing. Try Ivermectin as well, you can get it as a horse treatment on amazon. Also... hydroxy kills cancer cells and makes tumors disappear. you are welcome. zero itching. it's amazing! I feel good too!
  16. Barbara B

    Barbara B Guest

    Can’t believe I found this thread. I’ve had intense itching in my right arch for several years. It will last for a quite some time, then goes away for a while. Today, it’s extremely intense. Only in the right foot arch!
  17. revco33

    revco33 Guest

    update. i have been keeping on hydrochlorquine and my foot hasn't itched in months and the spot on my foot that was visible is fading away. I was using a exacto blade to remove the skin and it felt really good. but all that is over. it's bacterial or viral in nature as hydrochlorquine kills those types of things. Also their is evidence that hydrochlorquine kills cancers cells and can kill tumors. hope you guys see this and end the suffering. ivermectin would also most likely destroy whatever lurks there. I suspect this is what happened and why I got this strange itch. I was walking my dog along the wash in los angeles. the wash is pretty dirty and what not. my dog would hold his chuckit ball as we walked along the bike path. he occasionally would drop it and it would roll into the little stream of water. maybe six inches deep. the wash was also beside the marvista gardens project and they would throw beer bottle onto the concrete wash. it was full of glass. i stepped on the bottom of a 40 bottle that was shattered off but the bottom was still there. needless to say it went right through my walmart sandals. the really thin ones. I went and got a tetanus shot, which also had a whooping cough vaccine with it. sneaky shits. so after that incident I basically started itching. now i'm not sure if it was some sort of bacteria from the bottle or from my shoe or from the wash water, but it basically started at that point. maybe it was the vaccine. just letting you all know how things went for me. maybe you can find something in i said that may relate to your situation. excuse any grammar errors. i'm not going to re-read all this. lol!!! best of luck! i kind of miss my itch. it felt good really scratching the hell out of it!
  18. revco33

    revco33 Guest

    I did have itching when i was younger regarding my body boarding accident, but i recall my itch really got crazy after that broken bottle incident. i think maybe i just had athletes foot before because the itch came and went! lol
  19. CherylW

    CherylW Guest

    I too have had this insatiably itchy arch problem over the last 10 years. It's all consuming! I have been a server my entire adult life and when I began to feel my age in the soles of my feet I found the need to buy good sturdy shoes with good arches. I have high arches. My goodness what a difference! But what came with it was this horrible itch! The best that I can figure is that in my case, the stretching out of the arch causes the itch for a few days as I continue to wear the shoes. Then it goes away as long as I keep that arch stretched out. I can now attest to my theory as I no longer work on my feet to the extent that I did and often wear different "fun" shoes without a decent arch for weeks at a time. A couple of days of wearing the "better" shoes and I am right back to frantically raking my arches with whatever I can get my hands on. I am going through it right now which prompted me to look up this forum. I just now soaked my feet in hot water. Scrubbed with a stiff bristle brush and then applied some muscle rub essential oils (peppermint, frankincense etc.) Feeling better for now. I've never tried ice. I treat it like a sore muscle.

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