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uncontrolled itching in arch of foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by DMartin, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Mary Kay II

    Mary Kay II Guest

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  2. Mary Kay II

    Mary Kay II Guest

    So happy to find others with the same issues. It is an itch/tickle not on surface but deep, deep inside the foot. Oddly enough so many mention some common similarities to me:

    Right foot
    Gastro problems
    Female short stature
    Post menopausal
    Overweight but active
    Non-diabetic but borderline
    No allergies
    No apparent skin ailment
    No other health issues except BP

    Nothing seems to stop the tingling feeling. Hope the answer is out there!
  3. Mary Kay II

    Mary Kay II Guest

    any chance any of you are taking metroprolo aka Lopressor or Tropol for high BP. It wasn't until I started this medication that I noticed it but my doctor said this couldn't be causing it. IDK, just a co-incidence?
  4. jeff

    jeff Guest

  5. Beverly O

    Beverly O Guest

  6. Beverly O

    Beverly O Guest

    I reposted someone else's post -sorry. I have had an intense deep itching in the arch of my LEFT foot for about a year. Mostly it wakes me at night and I have to scratch hard with my right toe to relieve it!! Once in a while it will happen during the day (like right now) as I am always barefoot in my house ( yes, I have had many dogs and cats all my life and never ever had this problem before, and yes, I am post menopausal at 61. As far as I have read in the forum, there seems to be a huge proliferation of this problem, and no really solid solutions, unless I am missing something. I drink tons of water, so it is not dehydration. I will try peroxide and/or Cortizone 10, but the itch is deep inside so I don't expect relief. I thought it was some type of neuropathy, as the same side of my body has many issues, like bone on bone knee and hip dysplasia. Good luck to everyone in sorting this out. I will check back in.
  7. Anthony755

    Anthony755 Guest

    I have had the same problem. A deep itch on different areas of my feet and on my hand near my thumb as well. What works for me especially on the feet is the clear poison ivy lotion or something called Heal Tastic. It's a lotion stick -- kind of like a stick anti perspirent -- and it is for cracked skin on the feet. I layer it on thick, put a sock on, and it goes away. The relief you get once it goes away and you're rid of that deep intense itch, is unbelievably good.
  8. joesa17

    joesa17 Guest

    Hi. I am 37 now and am having the same thing, did you fin a cause or solution?
  9. Anjie

    Anjie Guest

    How crazy. I've read so many of these comments and I'm convinced this is something to do with an internal medical issues. I am a 52 year old menopausal female with an intense deep itch on my right arch area for several months. I'm going to bring this to the attention of my internal medical doctor. Maybe she can come up with some ideas. Best of luck to everyone.
  10. Anjie

    Anjie Guest

    YES, I present exactly as you describe. I'm taking this thread to not only my internal medical doctor but to my gastrointestinal and endocrinology docs as well. There HAS to be an answer!
  11. TammyC

    TammyC Guest

    I can't believe I found this thread and found so many others suffering from the same condition. I am amazed that, for most of us, it is on the right foot. I have been dealing with this for about a year. I do recall having a similar issue when I was young (juvenile plantar dermatosis) and just thought it was something similar in my older years (48 yr old post menopausal female). I have tried essential oils and do get some relief with nightly application of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil, but not a cure. It is definitely an internal feeling and not topical, although my feet do feel dry and sometimes cracky and like a fungal issue, but fungal treatments do not help the problem. I have nerve/back issues and a family history of neuropathy in the feet, so I can see it being connected to that. I will talk to my physical medicine doctor about that possibility....very interesting. I will keep following this thread with interest.
  12. Kathy0783

    Kathy0783 Guest

    I have had this for 10 years or so. I have gone to a dermatologist and podiatrist. The podiatrist had no idea. the derm treated me for psoriasis for a year and it only made it worse with light treatments.They have done a biopsy and still don't know what this is. I don't know if any of you have looked up palmoplantar pustulosis. I thought that is what I had. Now I am thinking that it is foot ezcema. I also get it a bit on my thumb when it is very humid out. I have realized in the past year that this gets really bad when it is humid or my feet are in damp athletic shoes. For the past week I have tried to just wear leather danskos and my feet are not itching like when I wear the athletic shoes (new balance). Also, I wanted to comment on the itching in the evening. I learned something about that last year when my husband, who never gets anything, broke out in severe hives every evening between 4-7 p.m. What I learned is that our body's histimine is lowered at night. The hives would go away all day and only come out between those hours. After 4 months they were gone and doctor didn't know what was wrong. I, who have tried everything known to man for my condition on my arches, is currently doing the following regimen and it is working. Apple Cider/water soaks every other day for about 1/2 hour. Then wipe dead skin off the arch--it comes right off. Let dry. Then use jojoba oil with or without saran wrap. I don't wear my athletic shoes for more than 2 hours at a time. It is starting to clear. I notice that when I wear the danskos, my feet don't itch. I'll let you know how I make out after doing this for a while. Oh, also, this made a huge difference...I started using Cetaphil excema calming wash on my feet. Calmed it down nicely. That's all I wash my feet with now. If you don't do anything else I said, buy the Cetaphil excema calming wash. It will help.
  13. Kate

    Kate Guest

    I have had this problem with the intensely itching foot and like the rest of you struggle to find relief. It is deep in the foot under the arch and goes up under the pad of my big toe. Scratching with a lot of pressure helps momentarily and as soon as I stop it comes back. It is mostly at night, but also sometimes during the day. Vinegar does not help me. I also have Restless legs and if I take a bath with epsom salts to relieve my legs the itching in my foot starts. Cortisone doesn't help me.
    One thing that has given some relief is rubbing my foot with Gold Bond with Lidocaine. It makes it tolerable. It is a topical anesthetic with 4 percent lidocaine.
    I am also exploring a connection to gluten. I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis (this is Celiac of the skin, no relation to herpes.). I had intense itching on my scalp for 10 years that no one could diagnose. Two weeks after I began a gluten free diet that itching on my scalp cleared up. It comes back if I return to eating gluten. Now I am wondering if the itch on my arch is the same problem -- if that is where dermatis herpetiformis comes back if I get a tiny amount of gluten. My own kitchen is gluten free, but I do eat out occasionally. Last time we ate out I ordered a gluten free meal and the itch on my arch actually began while I was eating at the restaurant. Cross contamination of food in a restaurant kitchen can set off gluten reactions.
    If you have other intestinal problems along with this intense itch on the arch of your food, might want to explore a connection to gluten. The diet has to be completely gluten free - no sharing plates with food that even touches gluten. It took me 2 weeks for my scalp to stop itching. At this point the connection to the intense itch on my arch is a theory I am testing out.
    Meanwhile, if you can find Gold Bond with Lidocaine give it a try. I found it at Walmart in a small plastic bottle.
  14. Melissa

    Melissa Guest

    Im glad to know I'm not the only one.... I get the itch out of the blue, really strong, sometimes when I'm driving and I've almost wrecked because of it. It feels like an itch from a nerve on the inside. No dryness, no redness, nothing. I'll scratch it and it goes away for about a minute, then comes back just as strong. I continue the process for around 20 minutes until it finally stops. Ive asked doctors and they just look at me funny with no answers.
  15. ricknamer

    ricknamer New Member

    I tend to get this itch after showering at the gym without flip flops. It drives me crazy and nothing can fix it but time!
  16. KV5R

    KV5R Guest

    I occasionally get the classic deep super-itch in the bottom of feet; not in same place.
    There's no surface indication. Here's what works for me. Sit on edge of tub, feet in tub, and pour BLEACH (yes, 8.25% sodium hypochlorite) on feet. Sit a few minutes. Rinse well. Scrape soles with a dull knife. Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!
    I've tried other things like vinegar, toilet bowl cleaner (the 9% hydrochloric acid one), and various ointments. The bleach works the best. And after that treatment, I don't get a deep foot itch for several weeks.
    Thanks to other commenters; next I'll try the massager, and the ice-pack, hadn't heard of those before!
  17. Caroline Oli

    Caroline Oli Guest

    This CAN be due to parasites. If so, 3 weeks taken MSM will solve the problem as MSM raises the levels of sulfur in the body, which parasites highly dislike.
  18. Buffalo2016

    Buffalo2016 Guest

    I'm also surprised to see the number of complaints regarding itching foot arches; mine is the same mostly right arch and under the right thumb; this is driving me crazy. I'm a very clean/organic eater, but a little off track lately. I'm leaning toward the possibility of some type of allergic reaction; sulfates and preservatives???
  20. Interesting that somebody also mentioned that they are menopausal. I at first thought it was related to a fairly bad case of plantar fasciitis in both feet, but the itching was so deep that no amount of scratching could reach it. My foot doctor suggested nerve issues, and so I had this (very unpleasant) nerve test done which involves sticking needles in my arches. All the nerves checked out fine. I am also menopausal. My theory, at least in my case, is that it is related to hormones, or PF, or possibly both.

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