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Under or over pronating?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by clairea, Jun 11, 2019 at 4:38 PM.

  1. clairea

    clairea New Member

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    I noticed a problem with my left foot in February. I also have pain to the inside of my left knee, which I think is as a result of this.

    I put foam heel pads in my shoe. On the left foot foam pad, The inside (right side) is showing much more wear than the outside. I also get a throbbing pain to the inside of my left heel after a walk.

    It seems my foot has started to roll inwards when I walk/run. Is this under pronation or over pronation? It’s hard to understand!

    If I wear slippers or anything non-supportive around the house, I've found that my foot seems to be skidding out to the right, as my footwear will flatten under my foot and push out to the left.

    My local shoe shop don’t do gait assessments, so I am seeing the podiatrist in a few weeks.

    Looking for some suitable insoles until i see the podiatrist to ease the pain.


  2. tiffany

    tiffany New Member

    I believe it is over if it is rolling inwards.
    One bit of advice is you may have to go through a few different types of inserts to find what works and what is comfortable. I personally would not invest in the hard plastic custom insoles. At least not until your foot is back to its normal gait. I hear they are best for preventative maintenance as opposed to treating the issue.
  3. poddoc

    poddoc Guest

    One reason that is hard to understand is people use different terminology. When someone says the foot rolls inward they could be talking about the bottom of the foot turning toward the other foot, or they could be talking about the exact opposite motion where the foot "rolls" so that the ankle bones move toward the other foot.

    Pronation is the motion were the ankle bones move closer together and there is a tendency for the bottom outside of the foot to lift up.

    If your left foot (not ankle) is skidding out to the right then this is supination, the opposite of pronation.

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