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Unusual bone growthunder fused big toe and surgery.

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by RedwoodsMama, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. RedwoodsMama

    RedwoodsMama New Member

    I have long standing right foot pain after being hit by a truck in 2001, Jones Fracture, and about five other foot surgeries on same foot, failed bunionectomies, fused foot, tailors bunion, and a broken big toe and dislocated while toe fused in Dec.2012. Three weeks ago I began having severe foot pain and also leg pain, ended up last Monday, the 5th of February in the ER because of this foot, leg pain and severe high blood pressure, 193/138. Ultrasound ruled out a blood clot, they put me on Atentonal because of high blood pressure but the Xray confirmed that I did have a loose screw that came out of the plate from the fusion of my big toe, other four screws intact.

    I saw the oroth dr. who did my surgeries today and he said the loose screw should not be causing that much pain. He wanted to do an ultrasound of my foot to check for other possible pain indicators, such as ligaments, tendons. He asked where the pain was and I showed him the ball of my foot, where my tailors bunion was operated on, and under the big toe. He looked under my big toe and saw a prominent bulge there. He was surprised. The ultrasound showed new bone growth, about as wide as my thumb nail and it has not showed up on the xrays. Also he ran the ultrasound again and attached to this boney growth is a very long pointed bone spur, no wonder I have foot pain there, every time I take a step. He wanted to try cortisone shots in the ball of the foot, and gave me three injections and said In two weeks I go back to discuss further plans for my foot and to see if the injections helped at all.

    He said the new bone growth will have to come out and the bone spur, and he can shave off the end of the fifth metatarsal again, where I had a tailors bunion . He said he had NEVER seen bone growth under the big toe before so this was unusual. Usually it is on top of the toe or on top of the foot or the heel. I know in two weeks I will know more, but was wondering if anyone else has had new bone grow after a fusion of the big toe and esp in this location, under the toe? How long does it take to recover after removing bone and spur from under the big toe, and shaving bone on fifth metarsal? Not sure yet what options there are for ball of foot if cortisone does not work, I have severe or advanced Osteroarthritis in big toe that was fused, and this is the joint area under the first metartarsal, about an inch past the plate. How long is the recovery period, roughly?
    Thanks in advance.

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