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Walking on rocks!

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by tambratt, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. tambratt

    tambratt New Member

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    :confused: have a recurring issue. certain areas of my feet swell, become very red, sometimes painful area is white, severe itching and throbbing, and i feel like there are rocks under my skin but i do not feel any raised areas. normally i have found this to happen when i wear different shoes for more than a couple of hours. unfortunately that means i am stuck wearing the same shoes every day to work in which some days i still develop the sore areas. the areas tend to get worse as the night goes on and the "rocks" feel like they get bigger & more painful (even hours after i've taken shoes off). sometimes i can pinpoint the problem if i find the insoles of the shoes have worn down or if the seam of my sock is prominent but sometimes there isn't really any explaination and just "happens" on certains days even thought i have continued to buy the exact same designer shoes for years. i've searched the web and have found some people who explain similar issues but i have not been able to find any kind of answer. it must be more than just having sensitive feet. areas that become effected are, towards the back of my heals, on toes, and bottom of foot just behind the toes. i have scheduled an appointment but i know they symptoms will likely be gone by the time i get into the doctor. can you help me understand what might be the issue? THANK YOU!!!
  2. Haffenden

    Haffenden Guest

    My feet hurt when walk on them, I don't like wearing socks as my feet are so sensative to pain, that I can feel the weave of even cotton socks and of course every ridge or slightly worn patch on my Insole is painful when I put my weight on my foot. Walking is a very painful and tentative thing to do that I can no longer enjoy anything or any activity that entails walking. I am also having a terrible job finding a pair of shoes or trainers that would ease my problem. Can you help?

    Roger Haffenden. (rogerdodger@talktalk.com) incidently I am 75!!!
  3. Podwoman

    Podwoman New Member

    It is difficult to make a diagnosis based on what has been said.

    It might be a footwear problem but without seeing the footwear I can't speculate.

    I can't rally give you an answer without knowing more detail such as a medical history, meds etc. If you are diabetic this might be responsible for the sensitivity you describe or it could have a neurological cause.

    Both of you should seek professional help as soon as possible.
  4. tambratt

    tambratt New Member

    Podwoman - swelling nerve ending issues were causing the "rocks" in feet & extreme sensitivity. found out feet problems were one of many symptoms of a bigger problem with nutrient, vitamin & mineral absorbtion. am now on a special/restricted diet and take a series of vitamins. Vitamin B is excellent for nerves and within a couple of weeks i had no more pain and worry of "rocks". I can now wear different shoes as opposed to one flat, ugly, boring pair... and i have happily purchased some healed dress shoes! what girl doesn't want a pair of strappy shoes in her closet?!?!
  5. tambratt

    tambratt New Member

    Roger - i might suggest you go to your doctor & let them vampire some blood for testing. as i replied to Podwoman, i had a larger issue. with the extreme sensitivity you might also be experiencing some nerve problems... might not hurt to pick up some OTC vitamin B complex. give it a few days to see if it helps. vit B in general is good medicine for multiple problems as well.
  6. TOG Orthotics

    TOG Orthotics New Member

    You might consider getting fitted for a pair of Orthotics, but at your age it could be a symptom of a wide variety of issues. Consult your doctor.

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