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Weird sensation left foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by RunforFun, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. RunforFun

    RunforFun New Member

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    Hello everyone, I have a weird sensation that started in my left sole a few days ago. I've been searching everywhere on the internet but it's hard to describe and haven't found any answers yet.

    This is my attempt at describing the sensation, which I feel whenever I walk. As I plant my left foot and then lift off it during a stride, it feels like something is 'sticking' to the bottom of my sole and coming off. It almost like that feeling when you step on a sticker or sticky floor and it 'peels off' from the bottom of your foot. Or when you have a wet stock and you step off and it momentarily sticks to your sole before coming off.

    It doesn't hurt at all, and I don't feel it when I run, only when I walk.

    Has anyone else felt this or know what this is?

    Thank you.
  2. Drew

    Drew Guest

    I have the same feeling, like there is a piece of tape on the bottom of my foot. It started a few days ago. I ware 3 1/2 inch heels every day at work and I work on my feet all day on wood floors. I thought that maybe my problem but I'm not sure. My toes are numb too.

  3. RunforFun

    RunforFun New Member

    Drew I'm also on my feet all day on hard floors, like a clean room environment for 10 hour shifts. I have work boots with steel toes and that combined with standing/walking all day may have done something. It's not painful though more distracting and worrisome.

    All I can do now is stretch it, but I'll search more online to see if I can find out anything.
  4. Margaret

    Margaret Guest

    Im feeling the exact same thing
    Did you guys manage to find out what the cause of it was?
  5. karl1978h

    karl1978h New Member

    Hi guys

    Did any of you get to the bottom of your problem? I have the same thing (2 weeks now) and can't find anything about it anywhere. My physio is unsure and not too bothered as we are addressing a couple of other issues!

  6. missleslie

    missleslie New Member

    Wow, I have the same thing. Only mine feels more like there is a small rock stuck to the bottom of my foot. I had pain and a bruise when mine first started, even though I didn't injure it at all. Now the spot is swollen and feels slightly numb. I too have been addressing more serious problems with my podiatrist and was too embarassed to bring this up.
  7. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have the exact same thing. It feels just like sticky tape on the bottom of my foot. I had it for a long time and then it went away, now its back. It has to be like a tendon getting hung up or too tight? I don't know but its obvously a real issue since I'm not alone. Its not painful but so annoying! When it first started I washed my foot like a hundred times before I realized its happening inside my foot. So strange.
  8. John

    John Guest

    Is it the work boots?

    I just looked this up but I've had the same thing since the end of October. It all really started after wearing these new boots I bought from Wal-Mart. The boots are work type boots (waterproof/sweat dissipating/etc.) and supposedly according the box "flex heel". Now, I don't have it on my left foot so I thought maybe driving in a car for 27 hours in 36 hours would have made my right foot have a constant state of pressure on the pedal. Guess that is not it seeing that one of you has it on their left foot. Herman Survivors are the brand of the boot if that is in fact a starting point of our continued search for an answer.
  9. LisaMarie

    LisaMarie Guest

    So glad I am not the only one dealing with this. Like everybody else, it doesn't hurt, but is very annoying. Was thinking of making a doctors appointment about it, but not really sure what it is. Still researching. Will post anything if I can find it.
  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have bee trying to describe this exact feeling to my girlfriend. it just started one day like i had a wet spot on my sock. Then I though my shoe had something in it. I took my sock off to see if there somehow was tape in it?? I have not been able to get to the doctor to ask what its all about and i have not found any information online about whats happening in my left foot. If anyone comes up with a medical "name" for this condition please email me!


  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have the feeling of a piece of tape stuck to the bottom of my foot up toward the smallest toe and 2nd one in, no pain, but it is so distracting as can't get the feeling to subside, I've had it off and one for weeks. No answers. Help.
  12. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have experienced this as well. I asked my Mom, and she has had it also. I think it may be a nerve ganglion- a group of nerves that, for whatever reason get a bit irritated and inflamed. At least, that's what I'm hoping for. I do a lot of yoga, bare footed, rarely wear shoes, and hardly ever sit down. So, my feet get a work out. I think this is relative. I'm relieved to hear that others have this, but am sorry for your discomfort. Thank you for easing my mind-
  13. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I have had this for a few months now but it's in the arch of my foot. Last few weeks or so I've been getting a very uncomfortable tingling sensation for a few hours after it happens. It's a bit worrying.
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hey, this started happening to me the other day although I know how I managed to do it. I was stretching my calves before a run and then managed to slip and felt a burning sensation in the arch of my foot so I must have pulled something, since then I have had a transient feeling of having something stuck to the bottom of foot in the same place as the burning sensation. After looking at the anatomy of the foot I think I have it pinned down to either the 1st lumbrical muscle or the flexor digitorum longus tendon for the second toe (I think this is what is pulled). I may be completely wrong but it's all I can think of, I hope this helps anyone with the same sensation.
  15. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had this a couple months ago, rested my foot for two days and it totally went away. Then a couple weeks ago on a very short run (less than a mile) I came inside and sat down for a while and when I got up the ball of my foot hurt so much I thought maybe I had broken a metatarsal or something. The pain eased in a couple of days but now I have that feeling of something maybe 1/8" thick stuck to the ball/sole, especially between the second and third toes (from the big toe). No pain but if I walk, run or cycle my foot starts to feel numb there. I hope someone has found a diagnosis for this? Thanks!
  16. rom

    rom Guest


    me too the same problem im so freaked out this just started last week.... my right to felt like there is a kind of sticker attached to it.. its not numb but strange feeling... what could be the reason??? i also went to a doc but they dint take me seriously i had a blood sugar test everything was normal.. few days ago i also had my ecg... it was normal by gods grace..

    the only thing which worries me is i use violet ray for curing hairloss... and i use it twice a day on my scalp and before that i massage my head.... could that be one of the reason???? but as i read violet ray is good for brain it increases circulation.... im confused.. if some one comes up with an answer please let me know thanks....
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had the same thing and googled around. Of course it could be anything benign, such as type of shoes, slight pull on tendons. But these same symptoms are associated with the start of more serious conditions, so I want to mention them here: Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and Neuropathy. Other symptoms for these same more serious conditions is general aches or pains in the hands and feet. Also "stinging" (small but more irritating like pokes or little knife jabs, in hands, feet, or face) type nips. I myself have the general pain in the palm of one of my hands, and one that comes and goes in the ball of the same foot that now for 2 days feels like sticky tape when I get up and walk - not painful, but just screwy enough to have me wondering about anything more serious. I am an adult onset diabetes candidate due to family history and poor eating habits (despite I got to the gym and in great muscular shape, just 20+ pounds over - the BIG and strong type) so I am monitoring...
  18. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hi all, any updates here? Am experiencing same sensation!
  19. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I started with the same issue 2 days ago
    I am Also 12 weeks post op c6/c7 fusion
    Feet were swollen 2 weeks post op pcp can't figure
    It out on water pills and BP meds and compression
    Socks that had totally relieved my swollen feet
    But now that the swelling has gone I
    Now have the foot issue feels like I'm
    Walking on a rock or something stuck on
    My outer arch area and it's numb my toes tingle
    Little pain but hard to walk on its uncomfortable.
    Any answers on what's going on?
  20. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Look at your hand and see if you have the start of Dupatryn's contracture a. This same thing can happen to the fascia on the sole of the foot. You may also have a small bump on the sole near your arch. Plantar fascitis may proceed the sensation of tape on the sole. Good luck with treatment I haven't found one.

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