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Weird sensation left foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by RunforFun, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Came back from the doctor's with "a weird sensation in my left foot" that's been going on for months. She said it could be one of two things (for me), Diabetes and/or Neuropathy. Everyone in my family has some form of diabetes, but me. Doing another fasting & glucose test & we'll go from there.
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I got lifts in my shoes and it seems to help.
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    maybe Morton's Neuroma or metatarsalgia?
  4. Clinr

    Clinr Guest

    i have the same thing!!! Tape on my toe, yet no tape.
  5. Guest 12

    Guest 12 Guest

  7. My. gout any ankle injury....looks like tarsol tunnel syndrome...alot of exercises on YouTube....no surgery for me..
  8. joe moreira

    joe moreira Guest

    Hi, i experience this 'sticky feeling on both soles. It started after my blisters healed; got the blisters from a bare-feet walk. Podiatrist claims its symptomatic of Peripheral Neuropathy and related to Diabetes. But no one has explained so far why, or how it occurs. There is nothing under my feet that feels wet or sticky. But when walking bare feet, i feel like my feet are stickers peeling off the floor. I do have pains and cannot figure why, when or how or what triggers them. Sometimes there is no pain, but sticky feeling remains and so am not sure if pain an sticky feeling are related. Surely someone out there knows something about this and am hoping to understand this phenomenon. Thank you.
  9. Teri

    Teri Guest

  10. Teri

    Teri Guest

    I have the same symptoms and looked up found it maybe Mortons Neuroma
  11. stiles

    stiles Guest

  12. stiles

    stiles Guest

    I have the same feeling on the bottom outside of my left heel. It"s not all the time but especially in bare feet. It feel like I have stepped on a piece of gum and it's sticking to my foot. Thanks
  13. NicolaO

    NicolaO Guest

    I also have this weird tape sensation on bottom of my left foot. No incident to trigger it, it just started out of the blue. No pain, just frustrating like there’s something there. Also concerned it could mean something else, but want to know if it’s a nerve what exercises I could do to get rid of it. It’s highly annoying!
  14. greg

    greg Guest

    i have the exact same thing. weird

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