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wet sensation bottom left foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by sondrella, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. goonigal

    goonigal Guest

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    Mine started today. I was in the kitchen, and thought I stepped in a spot of water. Today is Sunday. Wed &Thursday the bottom of my foot felt swollen in a different area of my foot. Fri & Sat felt fine. I'm 63 no meds, no head trauma.
  2. Greg Ellis

    Greg Ellis Guest

    Hi all
    I too have these symptoms, exactly as described by others. Its an eerie feeling to know that your foot is actually dry and warm, yet feels to all the world as if your shoe is wet and leaking. It also occurs without shoes simply in the home environment.
    Its definitely not imagination, and must have a medical causal effect. My only personal change of note has been cortisone injections for a frozen shoulder, coinciding with the onset of these symptoms. Other than that, no meds at all.
    It has to be neurological or as a result of drug side effects.
    The real worry is that there doesnt seem to be any reports out there from the medical world... "just see a neurologist" is the extent of the genius posts.
    I cannot believe that this sensation, which is very real and experienced by many people, does not seem to have a history with the medical profession.
  3. Gary Cochran

    Gary Cochran Guest

    Here comes another. Wow, I was surprised to find that many others are having the same sensation I am. Exactly the same. 49 , Right ball of foot, no med, healthy. started about 2 weeks ago. I feel bad for yelling at my dog the first time I felt it.
  4. Denise

    Denise Guest

  5. Denise

    Denise Guest

    I get a wet feeling in my foot, I was googling it and saw someone say neuropathy, I looked this up and one of the reasons could be vitamin deficiency, I have just been put on vitamin D supplements after a blood test, this could be your answer, lets face it we don't see a lot of sunshine.
  6. Vicky

    Vicky Guest

  7. Vicky

    Vicky Guest

    I have also had the same feeling in my feet . When I walk across the floor it feels lihecim steoping in a pool of water . I reach to touch
    My feet and they are dry . Not sure what is causing this .
  8. Laura

    Laura Guest

    Me too- haha

    I am a relatively healthy 43 year old female (I started experiencing sudden onset migraines 15 months ago)
    I have been experiencing the 'warm quickly radiating water ' sensation in/on the top of my foot and here lately across my left front shoulder/ upper arm area. I thought it was too strange to talk about to my doctor! But today my right toes have become numb to where I can't move them:/

    Since people are talking about this being neurological, I am thinking peripheral neuropathy. Hmmm, I will certainly be seeing my Neurologist very soon to talk about it!

    Thanks for talking about it!!
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My Dr told me that the sock under the ball of the foot feeling is Morton's Neuroma.
  11. Well, all I can say is this must be common as I also have been having the same strange wet cold feeling at the bottom of my left foot. I have checked my boots repeatedly, they are fine, felt my foot, its not wet, but the feeling is terribly strong, that it is cold and wet, but only at the bottom... feeling perplexed, but also reassured, because so many people appear to be experiencing the same thing.
  12. Danieldb

    Danieldb Guest

    I can only speak from my experience, but I would have to agree. I have had intermittent lower back issues with some bad disks, and even a sciatic nerve issue that caused pain in my foot for a year. PT and exercise helped to mitigate the problem. But I run into occasional weird sensation in my feet, from a burning sensation, to now this wet sensation as described. I had a sneaking sensation it had to do with a sympathetic nerve tied to lower back. The back doesn't need to hurt be cause these problems. So I am going to get back into some stretching and see if that doesn't help.
  13. Danieldb

    Danieldb Guest

    I should have said that I agree with those posts that tie this to a sympathetic nerve stemming from lower back/disk issues.
  14. Mind blown

    Mind blown Guest

  15. chrissy

    chrissy Guest

  16. Woodie

    Woodie Guest

    This wet sensation in the sole of feet is most likely from poor circulation.
    Check if keeping the feet or foot warm by using thicker socks assists in reducing or
    eliminating this feeling.
    I have had this feeling several times and I have poor foot and hand circulation.
  17. Sherry Lee

    Sherry Lee Guest

    I have also been having this strange sensation. A wet feeling under my left foot. I have had this at a previous time and it just went away. Very odd sensation. I was hoping to find the reason for it here but I guess everyone is just as confused as I am.
  18. KAW

    KAW Guest

    I think the foot Dr. Is not real doctor,just someone puss footing around with us. I too have this sensation. Now that I look back at it. Ithe started after I started having lower back spasm or pain.
    What is this?
  19. KAW

    KAW Guest

  20. Cedarbloom

    Cedarbloom Guest


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