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wet sensation bottom left foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by sondrella, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Kittykat

    Kittykat Guest

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    i too have been having this peculiar, slightly enjoyable feeling of having a wet patch under my left foot. #metoo
  2. James P.

    James P. Guest

    Just started today, and it happens almost every time I stand up, then goes away quickly. Exactly as described by another person: wet sensation on inside of left ankle. The first few times I looked for water on the floor, as my wife was working on the floor, and there were some wet spots. But after she finished, and the floor was clean, the same sensation. 71 year old male; just had a full physical with fine results. I take Lisinopril/HCTZ 20-25mg which keeps my blood pressure in 120/80 range, and Atorvastatin 10mg that keeps both of my cholesterol numbers in the fine range. Note: my wet ankle sensation started before I read anything on this website, and I had never heard of such a thing, so this website has had absolutely no effect on me. But it does tell me that I’m not crazy and not the only one who experiences this sensation.
  3. Me too :)

    Me too :) Guest

    I couldn't agree more. Foot doc, you are a DICK. Maybe you should see a therapist for "mental issues" because clearly there's some things you need to work out..

    Many people, such as myself have found comfort in knowing we are not alone for feeling this weird cold/wet sensation in the bottom of our foot. Perhaps it's late or the weekend and the doctor's offices are not open, and someone is wanting to know if this is a serious issue or if it can wait.

    Most of us are not looking for a definitive answer online, but would like some direction and info into knowing what it could be.

    But for you to call these potential patients "psychos" and mental cases, I feel bad for your patients in real life. Or maybe you are just a fake wanna be "doc" who got their degree online, which would explain a lot..

    So, that all being said I hope this thread keeps going on for years and years to come. Have a good day, "doc"
  4. Dead Horse

    Dead Horse Guest

    Sorry Foot Doc, but a few days ago, in the rain, I figured I must have had a small hole in my left shoe.. soaking my sock. It persisted, there was no hole. My foot was never actually be wet.

    I just found some info here, which gave me some better understanding..

    They say wet feet is likely some form of nerve damage or "peripheral neuropathy" , which could be related to all kinds of things, some normal, some not-so-normal.. in which case, "consult a doctor ya dingus!" - Dr. Steve Brule
  5. All day today, I have had a 'wet" sensation in the arch of my left foot. The fist few times, I thought I had stepped in water from my dogs drinking. But, there was no water on the floor, and my arch was dry. I just got the feeling again as I typed this. Very strange. My foot is dry, and I have been having this situation every few minutes, all day long. So I guess this is; Me too!
  6. Flo

    Flo Guest

    I have been having these same wet feelings does anyone know what this is, for the past few week this has been going on at first I thought maybe the children had spilled water on the floor and I stepped in it then I was in my bed and felt it this is very strange and now it happening more and more each day
  7. jim

    jim Guest

    I've been having the same issues for the last month. I have been diagnosed with peripheral neurapothy. I don't want to get back on gabapentin again because I have balance problems with this medication.
  8. jim

    jim Guest

    I also have bilateral tarsal tunnel syndrome.
  9. Ten Years this thread has existed. I read it all. There are no answers here. I will pray for us all.
  10. Debby K

    Debby K Guest

    I always wear socks around the house and for about a month I felt like I was stepping on something wet. I would check my sock and it was completely dry. Didn’t give it much thought until I started feeling it with my shoe on. It is becoming more frequent. It definitely is weird...Going to try and get some answers somewhere

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