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What is on my foot?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Candice789, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Candice789

    Candice789 New Member

    9AFD2D13-1E7D-45BA-BF6A-654D488930CA.jpeg BCBC9770-9304-4A09-86DD-703EE6F1E490.jpeg

    Above photos are of the same spot on my foot, just before and after a good pumice session.

    Going on year two of having a small, round something on the bottom of my foot on my heel (on the bottom of my foot, but toward the outer edge).

    - small, maybe 1.5-2 mm diameter

    - basically a slight hole/pit. Not an open wound or anything - it looks like normal skin inside the depressed area. Not red or anything.

    - surrounded by dead skin that I am continually removing with a pumice stone (when the skin builds up and I have had a long bath, it turns into a raised white ring around a pit - between the edges of the white area is a bit under a centimetre in diameter)

    - doesn’t really bug me on a day to day basis. Sometimes I’ll notice a bit of pressure if I step in a weird way, or a bit of stinging/heat if I’ve been particularly aggressive with the pumice stone.

    - I *thought* I saw a little black spot in the middle a while ago, but it may have just been a speck of dirt...haven’t had a clear black spot of late.

    - I’ve been hitting it with oil of oregano and a bandaid, inconsistently, I’ll admit. Hoping to see an improvement.

    - I just want to know what I’m dealing with here! I’ve had a plantar’s wart before, but when I was much younger. The location is similar, but I don’t remember it looking quite like this.



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