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What is veneer wood?

Discussion in 'Foot Care and Foot Health News' started by bgdoor, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. bgdoor

    bgdoor New Member

    What is veneer wood? What veneer is different from wood? know how to know? [/ b]

    Oak veneer is the material used to make super furniture in everyday life in offices or households. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of veneer that make the furniture make them so popular? Please refer to the following article

    Walnut veneer is essentially natural wood sliced thinly in the trees of meat such as: Xoan peach, oak, walnut, ash ... with a thickness of only about a rem to two glasses is spacious. After processing, these wood fibers is glued on industrial wooden reinforcement such as: fine plywood core, MDF core, particle board core, plywood core or Finger to make materials for beds, tables, chairs, wall tiles, partitions ...

    Veneer surface products are Learned about quality as well as longevity not only by the outstanding outstanding features that it brings but also in the economic value of efficiency. But besides this material there are still some imperfections that are addressed and consumed to make the appropriate products in the interior.

    What are veneer panels?

    Veneer panels are industrial wood processed and manufactured from contemporary science. The reason for this is from thin natural wood with wood grain and eye color, youthful and contemporary. Veneer is increasingly popular with customers and can replace long-term natural wood.

    walnut Veneer furniture has the elegant beauty and sophistication of natural wood surfaces but the more affordable and diverse prices must be applied extremely diverse today, especially in home interior designs.

    General characteristics of Veneer Panels

    Veneer planks with natural tree roots. Therefore, they also have the properties of the types of wood that make it durable, beautiful color and striae: walnut veneer has deep brown color, oak veneer with bright yellow color, oval veneer panels. peaches own red roses, ...

    Not only that, due to the application of the supply chain according to advanced techniques, the veneer also has increased durability, anti-bacterial and eliminates the amount of water carried in the natural wood. This helps the wood to be more durable, resistant to the effects of the environment, so that the wood is not damaged, termites like natural wood.

    Walnut Veneer distribution order

    Main source

    In order to distribute walnut veneer, a large amount of natural wood is also needed, so the main source for processing walnut veneer is usually in places where there is large forest space. In the world, the major suppliers of veneer panels such as the US, Canada, Russia, Brazil, China, Argentina ...

    in Vietnam also owns the factory, processing genuine veneer Wood, typically An Cuong brand or Laminate wood brand is also widely used and trusted by people.

    production process

    often in different factories, to force the unique beauty of products, people often have different "secrets". besides still have to ensure the following criteria:

    Firstly, a natural tree will be removed from the branches and bark to bring to boil, impregnated to remove the resin in the trunk and increase durability over time as well as more convenient processing. After that people will use the standard veneer machine for slicing, pay attention to buy the machines with standard veneer to keep the color and texture of natural wood.

    Laminated wood will be dried to avoid mold moisture and put into a glue roller and glued to the MDF, MHF, MFC, industrial plywood.

    Next one will have oak veneer panels into the heat press machine at a temperature of 60 degrees C from five minutes and use an sanding machine to make the surface beautiful and angular. standard wood panels will be scrutinized before being circulated to the market for processing other furniture.

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