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What Shoe Insert For Me?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Brandon57, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Brandon57

    Brandon57 New Member

    Hello, I have been having pain under my right foot, in the calves of the legs and behind the knees. The problem started after I took up Ballroom Dancing and I overdid things. The problem has been going on all year. I had an Ultrasound on the Feet and everything came back fine but my Doctor said I have plantar fasciitis. But I went 2 Podiatrists and they did not think I had plantar fasciitis. I started wearing some Shoe Inserts and the pain in the Calves of the legs went away within a few days. But the pain behind the knees has become very severe. There is still pain under the right foot. The Podiatrist said the pain behind the calves went because I took the pressure off that area with the shoe inserts. He suggested Higher Heel Lifts. I have had an ultrasound on the knees and it was fine and a Doppler study on the Peripheral Arteries in the legs was fine. What do people here think is the cause of the problem and what do you suggest?

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