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When can I start walking normally without crutches after metatarsal fracture

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Mknight1001, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Mknight1001

    Mknight1001 New Member

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    Hi, good evening everyone this is my first time posting so y'all can be of help here. Some details about me I'm a male early 20's, average built, 5'10. Recently just last Sunday I slipped and fell of my skateboard while skating around the beach area while I was somewhat inebriate. I visited urgent care and then an orthopedic the next couple of days and they diagnosed me with having a Jones fracture on my fifth metatarsal bone on my right foot. I was provided with crutches, and a walking boot instead of going for a cast. Unfortunately my injury has the consequence of keeping me out of work as I work standing up in customer service as well postponing my plans of conducting a driving exam as well as putting my plans of attending a local comic convention this upcoming Friday into question. My main question is how long is it best for me to continue walking mainly on crutches and when I can ditch them and just be able to walk on the boot and how long before I could be able to get behind the wheel?
  2. poddoc

    poddoc Guest

    If you don't remember what the orthopod told you, call their office and ask to hear it again. That advice will, the vast majority of the time, be better than any advice you get off of the internet. You were examined by by a trained professional who presumably saw your x-rays.

    A lot of of advice on injuries is: you should have a doctor check it because it might get worse. A Jones fracture is one of those injures that can get a lot worse if walked on too early. Jones fractures frequently have delayed healing or non union that can lead to months of non weight bearing or partial weight bearing with a bone stimulator attached to your foot.

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