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3 failed lisfranc surgeries in 3 years!

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    sorry for the long post in advance! It is a long story though, 3 years of ongoing pain!

    In Fall of 2008 I suffered a lisfranc fracture playing football and played through the pain until the end of the season not knowing my diagnosis or how detrimental this would be. After the season I rested my foot for 2 months and was beginning to prepare for my true love, America's Pastime!-baseball lol sorry for that. During the resting period my foot started to improve and I thought it was healing and my trainer thought it was a bone bruise and so I got back in the groove and started training for baseball. However, after starting (athletics) back up I realized my foot hadn't healed and decided to go in to have it checked out. Ended up being a lisfranc fracture and I had ORIF surgery in 02/2009 and had the 1 screw and K-wires removed 06/2009. I took every word of advice from the doc. cautiously as I was preparing to play college football. After removal of the screw I was allowed to start running but was told to not overdue it and take things gradually. In 07/2009 I tried to start doing a sprinting workout but could not last 15 minutes as the pain was too much to bear and I did not want to overdue it. I ran very lightly the rest of the month to make sure there was no pain and to prepare myself for the upcoming football season. Upon arrival of training camp, the team did 100 yard sprints the first day. I ran like (forest gump) the wind and was beating dudes who ran 4.3 40's! My foot felt great the first week and I thought things were A OK. A few weeks into preseason practices my foot started up again and I was having immense pain, worse than the first time around when I played through it! This time the collegiate trainers taped my foot up and had me do whirlpool therapy before every practice and I decided to play through the pain again.. so dumb. After 2 months I had to let down the coaches and was not able to practice anymore as the pain had manifested itself into something undescribable.. every step, on and off the field, was filled with gut wrenching pain. I went back in to the orthopedic center and switched doctors because there was another doc. there who tended to athletes more than the first doc. and he confirmed that I had fractured it again as well as tearing two ligaments in the foot this time around! Went in for surgery on 12/15/2009 and this time they put in 2 screws with the K-wires as well as doing something to fix the ligaments, idk what though, they poorly explained the concept after surgery when I was droopy and completely out of it because they had not known I tore the ligaments until opening up the foot during surgery. Anyhow, screws and wires were removed in 03/2010 and I was placed in that dreaded walking boot again. I wore the hell out of that thing for months on end including before the screws were removed. Went to college for a year out of town the following semester from 08/2010 to 05/2011 and within a month or two of classes I noticed my foot was in the same shape it had been in before the surgery=crap. I wasn't doing sports, wasn't running, wasn't working out, just walking a half mile to class on SOME days to test the foot and make me feel somewhat better. I went back in to the doctor and he told me these things take time to heal. . . come back in after a year and we'll see if anything has changed. Well, toward the end of the semester in 05/2011 I had had enough and couldn't wait another half year to a year to wait and see if it had healed or not. (I think I know if it has healed or not, pain from simply sitting down=not healed)
    So I went in to a different orthopedic specialist who did a gait test as well as a C.T. scan and they confirmed It was still fractured and that there were bone fragments around the location of injury which had caused severe arthritis. It is important to note that my orginal orthopedic surgeons have never done a gait test, let alone a C.T. scan!

    I went back to the original doctor this past summer in 07/2011 with my C.T. scan and showed him that it had not healed. This time he decided we need to do a fusion of the first and second metatarsals as this is where the fracture location was. Went in for surgery on 08/2011 and they did a fusion as well as leaving the plates and screws in the foot permanently this time. After a few months and follow up visits, I was permitted to wear the black death of a walking boot and was told to gradually lessen my use of it week after week.

    Well, Here it is late december of 2011 and I still have to wear the walking boot because my foot hurts too much without it. I cannot stand for more than a few minutes on both feet without the bad foot hurting. If I am not wearing the boot, I have to constantly stand on my left foot which has been the story of my life for the past 3 years. I have rescheduled an appointment for sooner than planned due to the pain and I go in 12/28/2011.

    I am a 21 year old kid who used to do athletic activites every day of my life and I hate to complain because there are so many more out there who are in worse circumstances than I am and so I am thankful that I still have two foot although I am super bummed out because I have not ran or even jogged for over a year now and have not been able to participate in any type of athletic activity- unless you count frisbee golf back from last year in college for a few months. As of now, If I am not in the boot, I cannot stand for more than 10-15 mins at maximum and in the boot I can walk pretty good, a few miles at a time. And yes I was cleared to walk, AND I QUOTE, As much as I wanted with the walking boot. -I take advantage of that and walk a few miles every other day.

    Any advice on what I should probably do next is what I am looking for. Should I go to a different orthopedic surgeon even though he is regarded as one of the top dogs in the state for lisfranc surgeries? (I have a feeling I should stick with this doc. though) I know I need another surgery even though he has told me that the fusion was successfull; when I go in to the appointment, if the doc. tells me to wait a few more months then I think that that may be my breaking point and I will go to another surgeon for a second opinion again. It has been three years with three consecutive surgeries, basically one a year, and I still have pain in this foot! Im no punani or slouch when it comes to pain either, remember that I have played football through this thing, and so the pain I describe is indeed pain, it's not in my mind and I cannot go another few months feeling this way. Plain and Simple. Something has to be done. Contrary to this post, I am at a loss for words.
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    I am as clueless as all of you lol! oooo the agony
  3. Unregistered

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    Merry Christmas everyone! If I can remember I will post the outcome of my appointment on Wednesday.

    I went to church last night and could not stand on both feet for more than five minutes. Too much pain to deal with my back is KILLIN!

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