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Burning feet

Discussion in 'Foot Care and Foot Health News' started by mgj, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. mgj

    mgj New Member

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    My feet burn on the bottom so bad I can hardly sleep. What could be the cause and what can be done about it.?
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

  3. runner12314

    runner12314 New Member

    I am a cross country runner and over the past few days after i get done running i am experiencing a burning pain coming from the inside of my arch. it has gotten so bad i had to stop running i have no clue what this is. i would love to know.
  4. angelina diaz

    angelina diaz New Member

    Re: hepl for Burning feet..

    1)Change your socks daily.
    2)your shoes and socks must be dry.
    3)daily exercise is beneficial for this problem.
    4)use magnetic therapy insoles.
    5)use tropical or natural creams.
    6)Avoid smoking.
  5. alexsmith

    alexsmith Banned

    There are a few things that could be the case here.
    1.) You may have athlete's foot or some other form of foot fungus. If you only feel it during activity its probably pretty mild, only irritated by friction or sweat. Check your toe nails just in case, are they yellow?
    2.)You may just have sensitive feet as the other poster said, and slight friction may irritate your feet more.
  6. priya06

    priya06 New Member

    Here are the some suggestion to recover from feet burning
    1.Find a shoe that provides arch support, as well as overall comfort.
    2.Choose lightweight socks.
    3.Visit a primary care physician. Burning feet can indicate certain medical problems, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, blood disorders and circulatory disorders.

    May it will help you to recover from burning feet
  7. huperkarl

    huperkarl New Member

    I am a cantankerous country agent and in the accomplished few canicule afterwards I get done active I am experiencing a afire affliction that comes from central of my arch. It has got so bad I could stop active I accept no clue what it is. I would adulation to know.
  8. teamlewis6

    teamlewis6 New Member

    I sympathize with you, I too have suffered with burning feet for over a year now. I have worn authotics for three years due to planar faciitis. It wasn't until I saw a orthopedic surgeon I found out that I also have matatarsalgia, a condition where the heads of the metatarsals become inflamed. Because of these two conditions it makes the whole bottom of my feet burn. I now have to get my authotics reviewed as the surgeon wasn't happy with them. If that has not worked in three months i will need to go back to the surgeon to discuss further options.
  9. lloyd zerna

    lloyd zerna New Member

    I think you are experiencing what we call plantar faciitis. It's best for you to use shoe inserts with your work or athletic shoes.
  10. fungus

    fungus Banned

    May be this happens because of your tight shoes or uncomfortable shoes. I think you should change your socks daily and change your shoes as well as do exercise daily.
  11. talfighel

    talfighel New Member

    This is going to sound weird but may help you.

    Try changing your shoes to a new one. I think that it might help you out.

    You never know.
  12. mikelawsonn

    mikelawsonn New Member

    10 yrs with same proplem.. been there, done that.. no one seems to have solution... soles of feet burn.. ONLY WHEN I LAY DOWN.. am..pm.. lay down.. in about 1/2 hr both feet start to burn. longer i stay the worse it gets!.. get up walk around 5-10 minutes, all gos away!! lay down again, same thing! all nite long.. been on simbolta and methadone.. both almost tore me apart!!
  13. MikeSimouns

    MikeSimouns New Member

    I hope you went to see a doctor and tell them your condition because if it's persistent then it's not good.
  14. ricknamer

    ricknamer New Member

    Wow - not that I smoke but what is the reason behind the smoking?
  15. whrly765

    whrly765 New Member

    Smoking can cause many diseases but I too wonder how it can be related to burning feet.

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