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can someone help me with this lateral heel pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by bz11, Mar 15, 2024.

  1. bz11

    bz11 New Member

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    I am a 57 year old male. I am underweight. I used to be a runner, but gave that up about 20 years ago after a knee injury. Figured I rather just walk so that is what I did for years - about 4 miles every day. Then about 10 years ago, out of the blue - started to get severe, recurrent, chronic pain around my lateral heel and ankle without any acute injury or change in my routine. Only happens on one foot, never the other. I have tried everything - RICE, NSAIDS, different shoes, stretching, etc...and nothing has helped.

    The pain always only ever happens when walking - when I shift my weight from my heel or just standing - to my forefoot. In other words, in the process of taking a step, my initial heel strike is fine but when I get to the second half of that step - towards push-off, I can't bear to finish, and end up instinctively limping to keep my foot straight and avoid the pain. It has been so bad that I think this automatic impulse is now causing even further stresses and pain in a wider area since it is so unnatural. There is no pain and never any pain from any movement or motion of the foot or ankle when not weight-bearing as when sitting or laying down.

    The pain is always centered on the outer/lateral side about 1-2cm behind and below the malleolus but not really involving or close to the achilles. And the peroneal tendons are not painful. The pain I have is at least an inch away from them.

    What is between the peroneal and achilles tendons on the lateral side of the calcaneus?

    I have been trying to find out what is capable of producing pain in this area - but there isn't anything there. If you had a triangle with 1 corner being the lateral malleolus, 1 corner being the bottom of the heel and 1 corner being the achilles tendon - the center of this triangle is about 1 inch from each of those points - and there isn't anything there.....it is basically just skin over the calcaneus bone. But that is where my pain is centered - so I am stumped. I can see the achilles and it doesn't hurt - same with the peroneals. From what I can tell, the only thing there might be the sural nerve.

    I have been in bed for 2 months and nothing is getting better.

    Any ideas or suggestions? This has completely taken over my life. Thanks.
  2. poddoc

    poddoc Guest

    X-ray? MRI? A bone cyst, or a bone tumor can weaken the calcaneus and can cause a pathologic fracture.
  3. bz11

    bz11 New Member

    Over the last 4 months, it has gotten much much worse. 3 X-rays showed nothing. 2 MRIs one of the foot and one of the ankle. Inconclusive and no consensus. Radiologist says possible calcaneal stress fracture but podiatrist who examined me and looked at the MRI says no way. I was and am sure it has something to do with peroneal tendinopathy and/or cuboid bone. Pain has gotten worse. Cannot walk at all. And new development is swelling all around both sides of ankle, all through entire foot and even up to lower leg.

    Pain is only on push-off, not present at all with weight on heel or back of foot. Pain centered directly underneath cuboid, just behind base of 5th metatarsal.

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