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Crazy itching after partial nail removal

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by dwargas, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. dwargas

    dwargas New Member

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    Had both sides of my ingrown toenail removed. Did well, not much drainage. Neosporin and bandaids daily for almost 2 weeks. The last 2 days I have had intense itching on the skin right below the cuticle area from one side to the other. Slight pink tinge to the drainage. Used peroxide and benedryl ointment. Please tell me this is not infected cause I don't know how it could have gotten that way. Also, can I go in a swimming pool after this 2 week period.
  2. fftt

    fftt Guest

    Again I am going to say without a doubt Micro Plant Powder (GOLD) from HempUSA.org made the whole difference in my skin, just put the powder in your drinks three times a day or make it into a clay and apply it to your troubled area. Hope this helps, I just wrote to someone else with my fix.
  3. Itchy

    Itchy Guest

    Omg, the sane is happening to me. I had mine done on 2/25 and it stared to each about 2 days ago. Doesn’t itch all the time. It is red around the nail and I have some sort of minimal discharge, kind of like when a scab is forming after dealing with a pimple. I also hope it’s not infected.


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