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Fingernails rotting help

Discussion in 'Foot Care and Foot Health News' started by jeffrey159, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. jeffrey159

    jeffrey159 New Member

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    i just googled and seems that my mother is having Onychomycosis


    how do i treat this? she only had 2 of these and the rest are fine.
  2. PFguy

    PFguy New Member

    I have marks on my fingernails and I use Biosil. It helps grown nails and tightens your skin. It's not a miracle supplement, but my elbows are slick after using this for several months.
  3. Sole Searcher

    Sole Searcher New Member

    Aren't oral medications extremely tough on the liver though? My doc advised against it a few years ago. I've been battling toenail fungus my entire life. Nothing seems to work no matter how persistent I am. The only things I haven't tried are an oral medication or laser treatment on them. I'm losing hope.
  4. PLANTARman

    PLANTARman New Member

    This. Also I really recommend and oral anti-fungal drug called "terbinafine". Worked wonders for my sister.

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