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(Help!) 2 Tarsal tunnel releases yet still have heightened nerve pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Mydamnfoothurts, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Mydamnfoothurts

    Mydamnfoothurts New Member

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    I had 2 tarsal tunnel surgeries after trying PRP, accupuncture, stem cell injections, massage, cortisone shots, nerve drugs, and just about anything I could find info. on but went ahead and had surgery in 2016. Was in continued pain for about 4 months afterwards. Had a cortisone shot that finally gave me relief and was just about pain free for over a year. Pain returned in Dec. 2017 and escalated. Had third EMG and confirmed nerve compression. Researched non-invasive treatments for nerve pain and tried ESWT shockwave treatments, was going to try laser or nerve ablation but pain got so bad my doctor did a second nerve release,removed scar tissue and wrapped the nerves this time. It took 11 weeks for the incision to heal, although I started PT immediately, the focus was on getting the incision to close. Once closed I continued PT, and resumed moderate exercise. At 3 months, I had numbness in 2 toes and on part of the sole of my foot, but not a lot of pain. Last week my pain returned, again escalating. I had been only taking NSAIDs and when the pain returned, nothing provides relief (tried Voltaren, Voltaren gel, Tylenol 3) and finally broke the pain for a few hours with dilaudid. Started Cymbalta and have not had any change but it has only been a week. I am looking for some help - should I do stem cell? Laser? Hypnosis? Is there any treatment, trial or anecdotal or clinic or research study that can relieve this pain? My doctor is at a loss as to why the pain has returned. He says healing can take 6 months or more. I can't function in constant pain. I saw 3 doctors in my plan and 2 outside at my own expense prior to surgery. One says don't do stem cell injections, another says do them, and a third says try laser, another says laser won't help. Does anyone have recommendations for a clinic or program in th US that is innovative and had success with post-operative neuropathy? I am 66, not diabetic, have low bp, and low cholesterol, was very active prior to foot pain.
  2. Ankle_Pain

    Ankle_Pain New Member

    I'd contact A. Lee Dellon at the Dellon Institutes for Peripheral Nerve Surgery in Baltimore.

    I can't speak from experience but have read he's had success with Tarsal Tunnel surgeries and revisions.

    Good Luck.
  3. Mydamnfoothurts

    Mydamnfoothurts New Member

    Thank you. I am scheduled for laser treatments in Sept. And an amino chronium injection. Also an MRI and meeting with pain management neurologist. I will contact Dr. dell on as well.

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