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How long did it take your plantar plate injury to heal?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Chelz910, Dec 13, 2021.

  1. Chelz910

    Chelz910 New Member

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    I’ve read many posts from people who’ve had plantar plate injuries (sprains, tears, and ruptures). Just curious if anyone is still on the forum who can respond as to how long their injury took to heal? Of course if you are healed than you might not be on this forum :) But I thought I would give it a go.

    A little about me: I have a plantar plate sprain not a severe tear. I have been non weight bearing on crutches for 6 weeks. My podiatrist isn’t a fan of this and wanted to do surgery after the 3rd week on crutches. I do notice some improvement but it is very very slow. I have gotten most advice from Dr. Segler from Doc on the Run and Nick Knight off YouTube. They are very helpful! Almost everything my podiatrist recommended either made my condition worse or no improvement. He didn’t even care to help me with custom orthotics which are covered by my insurance, just poor IMO. I’m going a little crazy from being on crutches so long but the improvement is worth it. I’m willing to give it another couple weeks. I’m currently getting worker’s comp for this injury but I’m worried that when I see my doctor at the end of the month and he sees I’m still non weight bearing against his recommendation that he will not continue to sign off on workers comp.

    How long were you on crutches??
    Was there anything that seemed to really accelerate your healing?
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    I have never had anyone with a plantar plate injury need crutches.....
  3. Chelz910

    Chelz910 New Member

    I guess technically you don’t need to be non weight bearing to heal the plantar plate but it just expedites the process. Much like plantar fasciitis. I’ve seen some other posters on here get tired of the very long process of healing while still walking and finally resorted to being non weight bearing on crutches for weeks. I’m just not sure how *many* weeks.
  4. Hi
    I’m dealing with PP tear after so many months of complete misdiagnoses. What I’m learning now for successful healing of PO tear is basically boils down to: custom orthotics with metatarsal pad, taping, Hoka Bondi shoes. No need to completely to stay off your foot. It just takes very long time to heal. My question is: if the discomfort during walking due to toe taping or splinting - should that be the sign not to walk?
    Some days I feel less pain so I go for 20-30 min walk. Is this Ok? I just don’t want to make things worse. Please advise. Thanks
  5. Timj

    Timj New Member

    I just recently found this forum and elated to have found it. I have been limping for a year and was diagnosed via MRI last December with aggravated PP sprains below my three inter toes. My symptoms are: pain, tingling, numbness and slight swelling (when Im on my feet for longer durations). Interestingly enough, I developed this condition after discovering HOKA (Clifton) shoes and wearing them for a year. Probably not related but makes me wonder. My podiatrist started me on Ice three times a day and a walking boot with a "rocker-type" sole. Then after realizing that there was tingling he switched me to soaking in hot water three times a day. He ordered a custom orthotic sole which helped at first, then after a months weeks, the pain gradually came back. I've been using both CBD Oil and Voltaren multiple times a day. Since I dont have a tear, I'm not a candidate for surgery. The podiatrist mentioned "shock wave" therapy and also a procedure where blood is drawn, stem cells are extracted then injected back into the injury location. Both would be expensive. I'm realizing that staying off of the foot along with physical therapy is necessary, although the podiatrist isn't pushing me to do either. I've started considering knee scooters and crutches..... As an active 62 year old I desperately need my foot back! I wanna hike, play golf and chase the grand kids again! Any thoughts???

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