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i was diagnosed with a plantars wart Dr. put dry ice on it

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by jim bean, Sep 6, 2023.

  1. jim bean

    jim bean New Member

    i was diagnosed with a plantars wart, Dr. put dry ice on it
    It was still there after years of not talking to Dr. about it any more.
    But i got sick and have been home bound for 2 years a very small part of being home bound was of plantar's warts pain
    So i took it upon myself to treat it my self hehehehehe !!!!!
    What i have been doing is keeping my feet moist all day long with plastic wrap and Vaseline for the last 3 months it did not start to relieve for the first month
    IT IS WORKING the pain and the warts are subsiding
    MY QUESTION IS ?????
    how do i keep my feet moist all day in a working environment,,,,, by trade i am on my feet all day
    The plastic wont let my feet breath and the plastic will stretch and fall apart in my shoes
    i need the answer to keeping feet moist all day
    Thanks for any answers

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