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Itchy Arch Conundrum/Recent Lisfranc Fracture and Fusion

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by gbo13, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. gbo13

    gbo13 New Member

    I've had a deep itch in the arch of my right foot for approximately 10 years and it has recently gotten severely worse. It used to come and go, and I never knew what caused it to sometimes be worse than others. Over the years various doctors have told me that it may be a neurological issue coming from my spine. Previously there were no visible blemishes (no rough areas, lumps, bumps, or discoloration) on the arch of my foot, or anywhere on either of my feet of that matter.

    About three months ago I suffered a lisfranc fracture with multiple fractured bones. Almost immediately after this injury the itchy area got immensely worse and a small lump started to form (or maybe surface) in the arch of my right foot. At first the lump felt like a thickening/callusing of the skin. But since then, a lump, a little smaller than a pea, has formed under the skin. It's only very slightly raised on the surface.

    The itch was previously in the general arch area. Now the lump seems to be the source of the itch. I have also occasionally noticed that there is a slightly raised area surrounding the lump, about the size of a quarter. This raised area is not tender or itchy.

    Last week, twelve weeks after the initial injury, I underwent a fusion surgery of the first and second TMT joints as the result of additional soft tissue damage. I had a nerve block during the surgery. I had no feeling or muscle control for two days from the knee down. But, even when the nerve block was in effect, the unrelenting itch was still there, just as itchy as it always is. This makes me wonder if it is indeed a spinal/neurological issue. But, what is this lump that seems to be the focal point of the itch now?

    I have tried cortisone creams, anti fungal creams, powders, etc. I 'm wondering if it may be a wart, but it doesn't have any dark spots in it that I've read are characteristic of warts. Also, can it take 10 years for a wart to surface? Do warts cause intense itching deep under the skin that almost never seems to go away? Is it possible that there are two separate that going on at time time?

    Has anyone else experienced anything like or similar to this or have any idea what it may be? I am going to see a podiatrist as soon as the fusion is healed and I am able to drive. Any words of advice or home remedy recommendations to ponder until I can see a podiatrist would be sincerely appreciated.

    Thank you.

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