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Itchy Big toes

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Bunny Boo, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Bunny Boo

    Bunny Boo New Member

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    I'm new here. Just joined - 4/27/2020. I've been experiencing itchy big toes..like to the point I'm bout to cut my toe off. It tends to last 2-3 weeks, before switching off to other side. I always notice it right before bedtime. Itching with my finger(nails) usually doesn't even do the trick. I hafta rub forcefully on the carpet..but even then it's only temporary. I dont wear tight shoes and don't suffer from any other foot issue. Please, can someone explain what this might be?? I'm dying here..the itch wont go away!! Please help!!
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Most commonly that is due to a tinea or eczema

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