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Lisfranc Injuries

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Alice Ham, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Alice Ham

    Alice Ham New Member

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    Hi all!

    So 6 weeks ago I fell (probably about 10ft) while rock climbing basically onto my left foot. Hurt like a mf and within 20 minutes I could hardly touch my foot to the ground let alone weight bear due to the pain. I didn't go to the ER that night (and literally crawled around my house lol), but went the next day in the afternoon after talking to a few people. I had NWB xrays in the ER which showed nothing, but the Dr believed I was in proper pain so did a CT as well. The CT showed a non-displaced fracture across the base of my 4th metatarsal. I was given a boot and crutches and told to come back in a week for an ortho appointment.

    I went in for that appointment still completely unable to weight-bear with a lot of swelling across the front of my foot. I can't remember what that Dr did test wise but he concluded there was no other damage just the bone, and to come back in 2 weeks.

    It started to hurt a lot right in front of that little bone that sticks up on top of your foot and I still couldn't weight bear at all for those two weeks. I also had a bruise come up on the bottom of my foot and the base of my 5/4/3 toes.

    When I went back in I had a different doctor who did a single leg weight bearing x-ray testing for lisfranc but said it was negative. She told me to keep in the boot and if it was still bad in 3 weeks we would do an MRI.

    It took 5.5 weeks (I'm at 6 weeks now) for me to be able to walk in the aircast boot not on crutches, and I still can't walk not in it, although I am able to weight bear (with not much pressure on the ball of my foot). In the appointment I just had she decided not to do follow up x-rays or an MRI as it seemed to be healing okay - it's definitely got better pain wise. I am, however, completely unable to do a 1 leg heel raise (dr never tested this), I physically couldn't imagine how to get my foot 1cm off the ground let alone a full raise, and this worries me. I understand I do not have a severe lisfranc fracture, but a friend told me of a similar injury she had where there was a complete ligament tear but no displacement. I don't want something like that to go unmissed, but on the other hand I may just be paranoid! (I don't want a poor diagnosis/treatment plan hamper how active I can be in the future!!)

    I'm sorry about the veritable essay! But has anyone had any experience with anything like this, or have any recommendations on whether I should take further action? Also, it's not very easy for me to get a second opinion where I live, there's one hospital/doctors lol.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Cassidy

    Cassidy Member

    I sustained a ligament only lisfranc injury in 2016 and it was missed for 8 weeks, the dislocation didn't show until then even though I had other x-rays done. MRI showed a complete tear. I also live in a small town and have to drive several hours to get another opinion. I will say things didn't go to plan and I'm going in for a 5th surgery on 10/16, I have ended up going 4 hours away to have surgery this time. I think if you can even if it's a drive get another opinion, it can mean the difference of life long issues.


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