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lisfranc injury

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by tabathas, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. tabathas

    tabathas New Member

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    I saw ortho consultant(nhs) yesterday who has confirmed i have a nondisplaced linsfranc injury, avulsion of base of 2nd metatarsal & subtle fracture of intermediate cuneiform. I dropped a hoover on my foot from a height in january ..i have never been non weight bearing have been in a removable cast since end of jan partial weight bearing! still pain when walking on top of foot mainly push off standing on toes is still very painful....had weightbearing xrays yesterday which shows no movement of bones which i was told is very good news. My question now is though why am i still in pain ? docs said this injury can take a while to heal but itis four months.. i have researched the internet (probs bad idea!) and it seems to me that surgery is usually required? my doc has now referred-me for physio and to go back to seee him in 8 weeks...what are the chances of this avulsion fracture healing?i know this is a really frustrating injury so any advice would be gratefully recieved..i know my doctor is a very experienced foot surgeon and wants to avoid surgery at all cost but is this the best route? i am a nurse and have already been off 4 months!! thanks in advance angie.:confused:
  2. tabathas

    tabathas New Member

    :confused:...just to add i hae stiffness in the 2nd toe top joint it will not bend i get sporadic bursts of pain in the toe...

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