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Lisfranc ligament snapped? Diagnosis was late...

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by seattlenanny, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. seattlenanny

    seattlenanny New Member


    In August 2008, injured my foot with a twisting motion. It is hard to explain w/out a physical demonstration, but the end result was a 'snap' in my mid foot region. It swelled up pretty bad, but I was able to walk- with a pronounced limp. I was too busy to go to a doctor, and I thought it was a simple sprain. I had dealt with those before, so I just tried to keep going. There was a deep purple/black bruise on the bottom of my foot as well as on the top. I iced it, wrapped it up, and went back to work. But the problem was not going away... it actually seemed to be getting worse. In April 2009 I finally went to see a podiatrist. He was very busy, and truly only spent about five minutes with me. He told me a had a cyst, and that it would get better-but it didn't. In the meantime, I started to develop symptoms of CRPS. CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) is a type of nerve pain that may or may not be sympathetically maintained. I went to another podiatrist in June. He x-rayed, and he did see something odd, but was not sure what it was. He sent me to PT for several weeks. The pain and dysfunction worsened, and finally I had to stop working. Now we're to August 2009. For the next year, I went to new doctors, and they tested new ideas as to why I was in so much pain. By this time, my right ankle and the toes on my right foot were virtually frozen. More PT. This time it helped a little, they were able to restore movement to the toes and ankle-but still no answers about what was really happening. Finally in October 2010, I was referred to another podiatrist. He took a detailed history, looked at all the other tests that were performed, and then ordered a few more. I was waiting to hear the same thing again... "We still can't see anything..." I had previously been made to feel that I was malingering or imagining things. :mad: One doctor actually suggested that I just didn't want to work... So,when I went to the new doctor again to get the results, I was already in a bad mood. I was sure he was not going to help me, and I was bracing myself to be insulted again.

    I cannot adequately convey the feeling I had when he told me that he had a diagnosis. VINDICATION!!! At that point, even if he couldn't help me- I was just soooo happy that I had a real name to for the problems I had! Unfortunately, it had been over two years. I had pretty severe post traumatic arthritis all through the midfoot area. He tried cortisone injections first, but that had only minimal effect. He and I talked it over, and a fusion surgery was necessary. His plan was to try to keep as much movement as possible in my foot. However, during surgery he found that he had to do a more thorough fusion. I have six screws that make a solid block out of about half of the joints in the region. He says the screws are permanent. We will have to wait and see about the second half. There is damage in the other half too, but we are hopeful that this fusion will take enough of the stress off the area to help.
    I do have a question... If the screws have to be permanent, because of existing damage- do I have to worry that they will break? Will I continue to have pain-indefinitely? How soon is it safe to return to working?
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