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Smallish persistent white growth on my sole - not urgent

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by rocketly, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. rocketly

    rocketly New Member

    I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction about what to do about this little nuisance!

    where does it hurt
    The sole of my left foot about 1cm down from base of middle toe
    how long has it hurt for
    I first noticed it 2 years ago - treated it as a verucca and applied some freeze options to it. I wasn't disciplined with this though, and didn't file it at the time, or maintain the treatment
    how bad is the pain
    Filing it with an eletric foot filer helps. If I don't file it, it can ache each day when I walk. It's only slightly painful.
    what where you doing when it started
    I have had verrucae's from time to time - from swimming - thought this was another one - so treated it the same way
    what have you done for it so far
    Verucca freeze treatment 2 years ago - not fully carried through
    Electric filer to take off dead skin
    anything relieve it
    The filer makes it hurt less - it seems that there is an ongoing build up of hard skin around it that needs filed away to make it not ache
    what have you been told about it so far
    Not asked anyone yet - it doesn['t look like a verucca anymore - there are none of the tell-tale black bits
    is it affecting your ability to work or play sport
    do you have any other sorts of symptoms
    what country you are in (different countries have different health systems; different scopes of practice of different disciplines; access to care might be different)

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