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Sudden brief electric flashes of violent foot (nerve) pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Footie, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Footie

    Footie New Member

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    I've been reading around the forum here and, while several people have described symptoms similar to what I'm experiencing, none seems quite to have the same thing.
    My attacks started about a decade ago when I was around 40 and since then I've had maybe 100 attacks in total; months and months go by without them and when they come they tend to come in clusters when for a few weeks you'll get one a day or every other day. (I'm in the midst of one of these periods right now.)
    These attacks always come clear out of the blue without warning, and they feel like the purest form of pain you've ever had. Normal pain seems in comparison always to be a response to something going wrong in a muscle or something; what I'm talking about instead are brief flashes of pure 10-out-of-10 pain, like it is just the nerve itself freaking out. After an electric 2 or 3 seconds of this pain, it might flicker for a few seconds, maybe return a minute later, and it is usually all over after a minute or two. When they come, I leap up uncontrollably like a man electricuted and just clutch the foot, rubbing and squeezing (which does nothing really). After a series of main flashes there are sometimes little minor flickers over the next few minutes as it fades off.
    Each flash originates in a very specific point in the foot, but the location can vary; towards the front of the inner arch just behind what an anatomy chart tells me is the metatarsophalangeal joint is one favorite spot; but it can also happen on the inner underside of my heel. Never in the toes, never anywhere but the foot, and always in the right foot. They come when I'm sleeping, when I'm driving, when I'm sitting at my desk, whether I'm wearing shoes or not, and even once or twice when I was out and walking about. I'm otherwise healthy, reasonably active, and of average height and weight.
    Anyone ever experience anything like this? If so, you have my sympathy. Thank you all for your thoughts about what I might be dealing with here.
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Your bets bet is to get to a neurologist for a thorough assessment.
    You need to get several different neuropathies ruled out and even checked fro things like Parkinsons. These are rare and probably not what you have, but they should be checked for.
  3. Footie

    Footie New Member

    Interesting. Thanks!
    Curious also to hear from anyone who has experienced something similar...
  4. Glen from Oz

    Glen from Oz Guest

    I have this same pain, yet I used to get over 200 'attacks' every day. No medication worked, opiates just numb/dumb down the brain whilst poisoning the body at the same time. After 2 years my GP suggested trying cannabis, illegal here in Australia (it was at the time). The cannabis reduced my attacks down to about 30 on a good day. Some of these attacks used to last minutes, with the 'record' being 4 and a half minutes. Some days I still may get over 100, on a bad day. The cause - prior foot surgery.

    I have just started eating Whole Food Plant Based (research Dr John McDougal), which has kept the attacks, on some days to under 10 whilst lessoning my aches and pains in my joints caused by my pronounced limp and back complications (Neurologist ruled out spinal impingement as cause).

    So the medicinal cannabis and now the WFPB meals are changing my life,

  5. kcd

    kcd Guest

    This is EXACTLY what I experience...from the frequency to the severity...to the fact that it started in my late 30's, early 40's and I'm otherwise healthy with no medical issues or medications. Doctor doesn't seem to understand the severity or what it could be.
  6. Ben Turley

    Ben Turley Guest

    I know this thread is old but this sounds exactly what I’ve been experiencing the last few days. The pain comes from nowhere and is just inconsistent bursts of pain that aren’t related to any kind of activity that I can narrow down. It’s on the outer side of my foot and there seems to be nothing that will relieve the pain. Seems to go away just as suddenly as it appeared. When it’s happening it’s hard to even sit still. If anyone found anything that helped I’d really appreciate some insight!
  7. KCC

    KCC Guest

    I started experiencing this same type nerve phenomenon two days ago. It won't let me sleep. It started as a blister from news shoes just under the ankle of my left foot. Now every 30 seconds to two minutes BAM. It's like an electric needle hits me. I have a very high pain threshold, but this makes me jump or shake from the instantaneous jolt. I had something similar to this several years ago after a staff infection on my right knee. That ate a 1/2 hole on the outside of my knee. The pain came after the infection was gone and the scar was soft. I believe the nerve or the path that the nerves take around a joint is vulnerable. Maybe the brain is misinterpreting heeling or scar generation for pain. Never the less, it's a frustrating issue.

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