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Swollen Painful Big toes

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Ashley, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Ashley

    Ashley New Member

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    Nine months ago after cleaning and cutting my toenails the bottom of both of my big toes were so sore I couldn’t put weight on them. I am a little rough when cleaning them but I’ve done it the same way for years. The outside of my toe near the toenail also started swelling a little especially when on my feet for a while and became painful but not to the touch. No ingrown toenail. My family dr checked my Uric acid, no signs of gout. I was sent to a podiatrist who sent me for an mri. The hospital read the mri as nothing abnormal. My podiatrist says I have sesamoiditis. Says the bottom of my toe being so tender has nothing to do with my toenail region. But it didn’t start until that day. I have orthotics now. He says I need to wear them the rest of my life. That’s devistating to me seeing as how I can’t even wear sandals. The tenderness is still there after wearing them for four months now. The pain under and beside my toenails is still there. He said I could have surgery to remove the sesamoid bone but I’m not sure he’s even correct with the diagnosis. Especially since I hit my toe on the side it swells and hurts, not the bottom, and it made that part and the tenderness on the bottom worse. Someone please help me. My life has revolved around this for so long. I’ve walked on the side of my foot for so long. I didn’t even attend a wedding because I cannot wear heels.
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    That does not sound like sesamoiditis. Get another opionion.
  3. Inpain2019

    Inpain2019 Guest

    I realize this thread is over a year old, but I'm hoping you are still an active member and reply. My situation is exactly the same and my podiatrist and ortho are no help. I was given an antibiotic and a steroid because it was believed to be an infection, but it wasn't. Now I'm on meds for arthritis, even though it's the soft tissue not the joint, that hurts and swells. Did you ever find out what it was?

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