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Tips on increasing microcirculation to feet?

Discussion in 'Foot Care and Foot Health News' started by Evah.Linear, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Evah.Linear

    Evah.Linear New Member

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    Aside from walking, massage, warm foot bath? Has anyone tried some deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator microcirculation therapy? Just wondering if you heard it before... this was just recently introduced by a friend to me. Thanks
  2. Cameron Liu

    Cameron Liu New Member

    Hi Evah,

    I've been using this device (not sure if i can mention product names on here) but yeah what it does is it improves my circulation at the micro level by introducing therapeutic C02 through my skin. Used it mainly for my back pain but I've noticed major improvement in my overall health. I didn't expect it to work tbh but glad it did!!!!! Hope this helps!
  3. KatieP

    KatieP New Member

    I've never heard of this.

    Are there any research papers on its efficacity?
  4. Byare1

    Byare1 New Member

    i think if it help you,it's good for your,and dosn't metter who heard about this

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