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topaz surgery

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

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    Does anyone know what is involved in topaz surgery? success rate pros/cons
    What is the recouperation like?

    Thanks you
  2. Kelly

    Kelly Guest

    I had the Topaz surgery done in December (it's now April) and I couldn't be happier.
    For me, I had plantar fasciitis for almost two years. I went through all the steps to be qualified for the surgery. Stretching, iceing, NSAIDs, rest, PT, shots (four of them), a air cast, a hard cast, custom made and over the counter orthodics, ultrasounds, ... everything, and nothing worked. I called a doctor who did the ESWT to see if this would work. He told me I needed a MRI first and then we would see, well not only did I have plantar fasciitis but I also had a fractured heel because the pulling of the fascia caused it to fracture. So, after the MRI he told me that I would be better off with the Topaz, it sounded crazy but I was willing to try anything, even cutting off my foot. The surgery was easy. I went in at 5am, they knocked me out, and 14 minutes later I was waking up in recovery.

    What he did was take a long needle and poked 36 holes in my heel, then turned the machine on and pushed the needle through the holes and through the fascia. By using this needle/wand, it makes holes in the fascia while breaking down and dissolving the scar tissue. The holes are to release tension and to make the fascia grow all over again. I had this done on a Friday and by Sunday I could put pressure on it, by Monday I was walking. The recovery for me was 14 weeks. The key is to stretch your calf before bed and waking up, wearing a night splint to keep the fascia stretched, ice it all day, and elevate it. I was a big time runner but now I walk because I would rather be able to walk than run and risk it coming back. I also purchased the Zcoil shoes, google it. They have helped with my recovery because I was not able to stand for very long and the extra comfort and spring in the heel took off a lot of pressure and pain.

    The surgery I was not awake for thank God, he recovery was not so bad. I am a huge baby with pain and I would do this all over again if it came back. Everyone is different but I would tell you to do it. The 14 weeks went by fast and you will see how amazing it works. I would say the first 3 -4 weeks were the worst not pain wise but trying to figure out how to slow down because now you can walk without pain. You will flex ur foot slightly and feel tiny needle like tears in your fascia ouch! But as time goes on you will see how you will be able to flex farther and farther without pain. Do not take anything for pain other than what your doc says, mine said nothing but Tylenol with codine. Do not take a anti-imflammatry, you want it to be inflammed so it can repaire.

    Good luck, I hope your surgery is as successful as mine.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2009
  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hi, I wondered if you still were happy with the results from your Topaz surgery. I have it in both feet and am considering it. Thank you, Jennifer
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Do you really think that someone who posted back in April will still be reading this site and would answer this question?
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had the surgery 3 weeks ago on my left heal. The pain was never bad at all. I had a more painful surgery on the right 2 years ago...

    l'm still in recovery stage and hope it is working!
  6. mgueli

    mgueli Guest

    I am scheduled to have topaz in my left foot in two weeks, nervous abot it. I have two kids to take care of, ahhhh. Cant take this pain anymore, almost 2 years. anybody, how long to comfortably walking on it?
  7. Happy Feet?

    Happy Feet? Guest

    Hey, I had the Topaz surgery on May 12th, 2010. I have been able to walk only when necessary, but only because the doc said so. The pain is not that bad and I am a big baby when it comes to pain. I guess because I have experienced 2+ years of pain, I am use to it. I am taking Lortab 5 for pain. I had the procedure done on Wed and Saturday I can remove bandage and shower. The jury is still out as to whether this fixes my left foot, but the nurses said the doc has had excellent success and has not heard of anyone he did this on and it didn't work. We will see. I PRAY it works. PF is sooo painful, and I have often thought about having my foot cut off (which I would not do, but still thought about it). I originally had PF in both feet, but exercises got rid of it in the right foot. However, the left foot was very stubborn. I exercised very frequently, used the night splint, had shots, bought custom made orthotics and expensive shoes. Topaz sounds very promising and I would definitely give it a try. You should not be nervous ( I know you can't help it), but it is a really quick procedure and the pain is not bad at all. I am using a cane to aid with what little walking I am allowed to do right now, but that is by choice because I am probably walking a little more than what I should be. Let us know how your surgery goes and I will also try to remember to post more results as they come.
  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    2nd post as a reply...I am doing very well. I am able to stand for much longer periods of time. I have begun wearing other kinds of shoes other than tennis shoes with orthotics. However, any shoe I have worn has some kind of at least a little bit of an arch support. I found some Clark sandals on sale, and they had a small built-in arch support which works great. I am no longer having the throbbing, shooting pain at night. Rarely, I am still having some heel pain due to the heel spur that developed due to the PF. Again, the heel pain is rare. At my check-up two weeks ago, the doc told me it takes 3 mo. to know for certain if the surgery was a success. He also said I would have good days and bad days. I am so thankful that I am having lots of good days, and the "bad" days are not that bad. Even though my 3 mo.s are not up yet, it appears the surgery was a success. I don't foresee a decline in my recovery...I just know that so far every week there are improvements. Hopefully, it will work out that I will be fully recovered in the end. I have to say it was worth the surgery just even to have this little break from the pain I had endured for 2+ years!
  9. gnickell41

    gnickell41 Guest

    I had the Topaz Treatment 4 weeks ago, I just got the hard cast off 2 days ago, and am now in an Air cast.
    I was absolutely amazed at the lack of pain involved, I had a bunion removed a few years ago and expected the pain level to be similar to the recovery from the bunionectomy, not even close! I am able to walk for short periods of time before my foot aches, if i am on it for more than an hour or so it does feel very tired and aches.
    For those of you considering this treatment I highly recommend it! Plantar Fasciitis hurts a lot more than the procedure, And most Doc's will put you in a hard cast for a month anyway which has a much lower success rate.
  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had the Topaz procedure and PRP injections done in June 2011 on both feet after 7 years worth of heel pain, varying in pain level from tolerable to horrible. I'm in my late forties, female, runner, triathlete, weight lifter. Six-time Ironman finisher. Vegan, and generally in excellent health.

    It's January 2012, I am still suffering from this surgery. I was told I would be able to walk the same day after surgery, when in fact I was on crutches for three days. I followed all post-surgery instructions to the letter: no NSAIDs, night splints every night for three months, etc.

    Now, I can no longer stand on my feet for long periods of time, my heel pain is not completely gone, and I have new pain at the base of all of my toes (as though they are constantly jammed). I am slowly getting back to running and dancing, but it's a constant battle between how much I can tolerate and what I'll have to do to mitigate the aftermath of activity.

    The podiatrist who performed the procedure was so desperate for answers about what he considered an atypical response that he ordered very expensive bloodwork to look for a systemic explanation. I was found to have extremely low vitamin D, and a borderline result on the ANA - 1.8 (1.4 being normal). Unbelievably, he had his office assistant call me to say that this test result indicated a possible lupus diagnosis, at which point I was referred out to a rheumatologist and to a lupus center. Thinking this was a bit of hogwash, and the delivery of this information was irresponsible and insulting, I asked my PCP for a referral to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist re-did the ANA as well as other tests for anti-thyroid, anti-DNA, and autoimmune antibodies. My ANA turned out negative this time (which means normal), as did all the other tests. As for the low vitamin D, my PCP has told me that almost everyone she sees who has had this test registers low. Her theory is that the test may be too sensitive or a still-evolving indicator. However, because my level was a bit lower than many she sees, I'm doing two 12-week courses of weekly 50,000 IU doses.

    I suggest if you're considering the Topaz procedure that you carefully consider my experience and dig deeply into what this procedure is and what it does, as well as have a good handle on how your body reacts to inflammation and your healing history.
  11. steve

    steve Guest

    i live in new zealand and have had achilles tendonitis for over 2 years and have tryed all the usuall recomended treatments but every one has failed, including phiso, rest, arch and hel suports, night splints, vitermins and others, can anybody plese tell me how to come about getiing this topaz sergery done as im sick and tyerd of the pain and from what i have reserched this sergery is the only hope i have got left. do you know if they preform this world wide or will i have to travel to get it done. thank you. .money is not a problem.

    sorry for the bad spelling :)
  12. AlohaCarol

    AlohaCarol Guest

    I had topaz surgery on both feet in May 2011. It is now Feb. 2012 and I am still having issues with my left heel (both heels were done at the same time). The PF in the right heel was the worst. PF in right heel mostly gone, but the several hard nodules formed on the heel of both feet about one month after surgery are the worst. The dr. cut out the nodule off on the right heel and it is doing well.

    However, the left foot is constantly hurting and the nodules have been cut out 4 times. I still have PF pain in this foot also. The nodule is the size of a pea, hard as a rock and terribly painful to walk on. Now there are 3 more on the side of this foot. I now have a permanent limp trying to protect that heel. I have done all the home remedies I can think of from essential oil massage on the heel, hot water and cool water foot soaks, ice packs, and no walking or exercising much at all.

    I am a 70 year old, female and am hoping with time the painful nodule will be absorbed into my body at least that is what the doctor told me after the last office surgery. I'll post again in 3 months my progress.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem after PF surgery?
  13. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had heel pain for almost 4 years and finally had TOPAZ two weeks ago. I got on this site trying to find guidance about how to maximize success. My doc just said wait and see and don't use anti inflammatory meds. I am basically just living with the boot 24/7 and sitting down when my foot gets tired. Which is pretty often. Any suggestions? I thought I was not supposed to use ice, anyone else heard that? Headed back to the doc at week 5, but not before then.
  14. onehokie

    onehokie Guest

    I had Topaz surgery March 12. Currently, still in the boot during the day, I'm trying to work my way out of it by wearing tennis shoe at home. Still sore and I am taking it very slowly. Hope the soreness goes away in next couple of weeks and I can start walking normal.
  15. Cheryl

    Cheryl Guest

    I had the topaz surgery back in November of 2011. That particular pain is gone but another one from the surgery has taken it's place. I am now getting alcohol injections every two weeks for a total of 5-7 shots. It works! The dr injects it into the Baxter nerve every two weeks. I have had this done to my other foot as well after two plantation fasciitis surgeries didn't work for me. I am 100% better in my other foot and now I will be the same hopefully with this one. Have your dr look into it for you. Good luck!
  16. NCteach

    NCteach Guest

    What is the process after surgery? Does everyone have a cast hard or air? I am having it in two weeks and i am hoping to start school in August with the students.
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I had topaz surgery 2 weeks ago. I had 1 small incision on the bottom of my foot and never had a boot or cast, just a shoe with velcro. I have been wearing sneakers and take naproxen for pain. I am able to walk my dog about 1/2 mile each day and it's healing nicely. I'm glad I had this surgery. I was in pain for over 3 years with plantar fasciitis.
  18. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I had topaz done to my right foot in early december 2012. It is now early Feb 2013 and I am still unable to walk normally. I did nothing after surgery but sit at home with my foot elevated. While I am back at work, every step I take is incredibly painful. At my doctors request 6 weeks after surgery I began to stretch and use my foot a little more. WHAT A MISTAKE that was, after streching I was normally in so much pain I couldn't even walk to the bathroom. I am currently awaiting a second MRI to look for additional damage.

    I can say, the original pain I felt is gone but I now have a new more excrutiating pain to deal with.
  19. onehokie

    onehokie Guest

    I think I started feeling better around week 8. Started stretching in hot shower and played golf week 10. It is now April, had suurgery last March. I still stretch every morning but am back pretty much at 100%. Just hang in there and try to be patient. Good Luck.
  20. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I just had it done April 10th, I was sore the first day, I am on my third day now and walking. It is still a little painful but I'm glad I had it done

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