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Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Highhope, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Highhope

    Highhope New Member

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    PROFILE 47yo female NO foot issues until 2018 after walking the treadmill in poor condition flipflops a few wks which I have done before with no effects.

    SYMPTOMS, at first, felt dizzy like i wasnt grounded and feet felt as if I were walking on bones with no padding at all in feet! Now still burning pain in sole of foot from ball of feet to before the heal. Stifness, pin n needly after standing even seconds in one spot.MRI shows mild edema both feet and bloodwork was fine.
    2YRS of symptoms after icing, alleve, stretches, orthotic inserts, Adidas boost sneakers, prescription Alleve, 2 courses of prednisone pills

    PRIOR DIAGNOSES, plantar fasciitis, bursitis of metatarsal, capsilitis. All drs/surgeons said something different and 2yrs later still in pain both feet. Weirded thing is my feet feel the difference on different floors with my sneakers on makin some stores impossible to go in such as Tjmax. Sometimes after I go to publix, feet burn and hurt after 5min shopping and sometimes pink n little swollen whole foot. Cold water feels good, hot doesn't and when i move my big toe just 1 mm i can feel it thru my whole foot like a guitar string being strummed. I am very happy you are taking your precious time reading this and hope to hear from someone!!
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    The burning pain and 'pins and needles' indicate a neurological reason for the symptoms. That needs to be further investigated.
  3. Highhope

    Highhope New Member

    Thank you so much for responding! I am happy to have found this forum. I just went to a pain institute and steroid injections were suggested or a nerve study with a Neuro. Not sure which would be better idea first....
  4. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Steroids might help with pain
    Nerve studies might help identify what it is.
  5. poddoc

    poddoc Guest

    I agree with Run Junkie. Sounds like nerve. Steroid injection around inflamed nerve could relieve the pain. From your story, I'd have a hard time figuring out where the injection should go. Nerve damage could be anywhere from brain to foot. Whoever gives you the injection should figure out where the injection should be.
  6. Highhope

    Highhope New Member

    Wow thx agaij, having this 2yrs plus and now ppl like u guyz to talk to is amazing. I probably will then see a neurologist and maybe finally get to the bottom of this. Its just so weird cuz feet were fineee until that 2wks on tread just walkin 30min trying to lose weight hahaha!! My flip flops were worn down but i dont know how my nerves are hurt now. My mri just shows mild edema in both soles but nothing bout plantar fascitis even tho drs eana say thats it!?!?!??

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