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Extreme pain after toenail removal

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Rustysmom, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Rustysmom

    Rustysmom Guest

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    3 days ago both of my big toe nails were removed because of a fungus. The doctor said there would be very little pain and should be able to resume work by Monday. Okay, so this is Monday, and I can't even stand a sheet touching my toes. The left one is much worse than the right. They don't appear to be infected. They are red of course with a little watery looking drainage, but I cannot stand anything to touch them. And, as I stated, the left one hurts terribly. It is throbbing so bad and just major pains shooting through it. I am one that can tolerate pain pretty well, but this is almost beyond what I can take. Please help???
  2. Rustysmom

    Rustysmom Guest

    Also, I called this morning explaining the situation and was told to soak them in warm water and vinegar for 20 minute intervals. The pain that caused on my left toe, was almost unbearable after a few minutes, so I can't even do the soaking. Any suggestions, Please? The pain is so bad, that the ER has crossed my mind several times
  3. needadvice

    needadvice New Member

    i had a toe removed a while ago..busted an black from shoe/shoe trauma from running. it was extremely painful so i think what you are going thorugh is normal. you should def try to soak it in warm water with epson salt.
  4. Mm17

    Mm17 Guest

    I had mine done 5 days ago now and it's the exact same situation, my right toe is a lot worse, they arent infected but they are pulsating and in immense pain the majority of the time. I've just been taking paracetamol to ease the pain which is working for now and changing my dressings more regularly.
  5. Bba

    Bba Guest

    just ask the doctor for pain medicine even a low dose if they will prescribe it to you. That’s the only thing that has helped me. I take it right when I wake up, that’s when the pain is the worst for me. Then I wait about 30 minutes before I get up out of bed and walk. Then I eat immediately because you are supposed to eat before taking pain meds.

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