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Help planter fasciitis....

Discussion in 'Articles' started by smithbaker101, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. smithbaker101

    smithbaker101 New Member

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    Hello, I am very sensitive to my wife and i socked when i got she had a planter fasciitis in her left foot.
    She is working as a waiter in the hotel and most of time she stand up in the hotel.
    One day she got out of the bed and suddenly pain in her left foot. and whole day she has panic and intolerable.
    I do not know what to do next?
    Please help me to get rid out of it.
  2. robertharris750

    robertharris750 New Member

    Relax.Massage foot gently, don't walk on uneven surfaces, Do icing around the painful area. Always Wear Comfy shoes. And ask her to elevate foot whenever resting or sleeping. To reduce pain Take Ibuprofen
    As she is waiter so tell her to use orthotic pad in shoes and do some foot exercise regularly.

    Last edited: Apr 24, 2013
  3. Rinella

    Rinella New Member

    Shock absorbing foot orthotics might help you. Try asking an orthotist about foot orthotics with ppt and plastizote. Very helpful...
  4. thedtpkid

    thedtpkid New Member

    I stand in the work place a lot. After i get off work, I usually roll my foot with a forzen water bottle. The rolling massages the foot and tendon while the ice deals with some of the pain. Feels great after a long day.
  5. PLANTARman

    PLANTARman New Member

    I deal with this so often, It is the number one cause of heel pain after all. Many people have reported great improvement by employing the following methods:

    1. Ice pack

    2. Stretching before getting out of bed. This loosens the ligament relieving the stress on the plantar fascia.

    3. Some sort of brace, night splint, insole, or special shoe.

    Good luck to your wife!

    PS: This video gives a quick rundown of what causes plantar fasciitis and how you can go about alleviating your wifes foot pain: https://youtu.be/xNvZNnkQEqU

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