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Living with post-sesamoidectomy (and other surgical procedures) issues/pain

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by ladyoracle, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. ladyoracle

    ladyoracle New Member

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    If anyone else out there is living with chronic pain after either a tibial or fibular sesamoidectomy, could you share your stories? This is quite a challenging situation for me--I had a tibial sesamoidectomy, bunionectomy, and fused second toe due to a plantar plate tear in April of 2013. I have many ups and downs, and oftentimes feel quite alone. Please share your tales! :) Thank you!
  3. Kickerz

    Kickerz New Member

  4. Jojoday

    Jojoday Guest

    Hi ladyoracle, Im so sorry you're suffering and I struggle too with my sesamoiditis. I have a fractured fibular sesamoid since 2014(!) which went undiagnosed until 2017. I have been through a orthotic fittings, physio and a couple of injections to see if that might work, which sadly it hasn't, so now am considering the surgery to remove the bone. The doctors are great and giving me all the facts though they seem reluctant to want me to do it, though whatever I have read and researched has shown a really good success rate and I'm at my wits end. Im 32 and I have ran, jumped, worn high heels or really danced in years and it makes me feel so much older than I am :(
    Post surgery, are you now in just as much pain or more than you were before? How long ago did you have the surgery?

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