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Plantar Fascia surgery. Foot severely swollen weeks after surgery

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by navyjohnes@yahoo, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. navyjohnes@yahoo

    navyjohnes@yahoo New Member

    :confused:This is an overview of my story. I am trying to be as brief as possible while getting to the main points. I would like to know if swelling s normal after my cast was removed.

    Start of surgery: 11/02/12
    Current status, in recovery: cast removed 1/10/13

    The calcium deposits were built up to the point that i had a large knot in my foot. My walking experience was as though i was walking on rocks with pointed edges.

    I had plantar fasciitis surgery on November 2nd, 2012; removal or repair of the heel spur, reattachment and extension of the ligament, removal of calcium deposits.

    The ligament was grafted or wrapped (I hope that I am using the correct terminology) with a medically approved material (I forgot the name). At some point during my recovery, the stitches broke and the ligament was exposed.

    I was not aware of the injury until I returned to the physician during my two week visit. Let me add, I fell twice; so I could have injured myself during the fall. I was later informed that I would need grafting to cover the wound; however the grafting procedure was dismissed because of the bulge that would continue to be visibly extending from the Achilles tendon.

    Basically, the tendon was wrapped with a material that was too thick, so it broke through the stitches.

    Okay, with this being the case; I was scheduled for surgery to redo the wrapping on the tendon. The second surgery was on November 23rd, 2012. My doctor informed me that there was some additional damage to the already repaired tendon. The entire surgery was two hours, longer than the first. Unlike the first surgery, I was put in a heavy cement type cast. The first surgery I was in a fiberglass half cast. I remained hospitalized for five days-under observation.

    During my weekly follow-up visits, my cast was changed along with the normal medical procedure. I was in the cast for approximately seven weeks. The cast is finally removed, no swelling. The foot looks normal, the wound is closed. I was informed that I can put some weight bearing on the affected foot. Of course being anxious to walk, I use the affected foot a little and with the assistance of the crutches and the boot.

    My problem now-- is that I am experiencing severe swelling. I am trying to keep the foot elevated. I am also having pain when I land on the foot, I would think that this is normal. Other than that, I have no pain.

    I would like to know if this swelling is normal, even though there was none when the cast came off?

    How long does it last? I do not want to go through another surgery.

    I do understand that the doctor is the best person to answer this question. i would just like to share, while getting other view points.
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