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Post cheilectomy mnt.man

Discussion in 'Foot Care and Foot Health News' started by mnt.man, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. mnt.man

    mnt.man New Member

    I'm updating my status after the sugery. You'll have to excuse the tech abilities of this hillbilly. Went back to the Doc's 3 days later for x-rays and just a visual inspection of the surgical bandage. Went back a week later to change the bandage. Big toe incision bled very little, also had hammer toe surgery on second toe which also didn't bleed much. There is a pin sticking out the ends of my big and second toe. Doc said looked good and rebandaged for another week. Back to post surgery, I had very little pain. Used a cane the first day to get around, walked around on outside of foot. Woke the next morning to even less pain and was able to ditch the cane. By the third day I started putting a little weight on the big toe pad, which created more pain but not that bad. Was able to drive the forth day, short distances. The Doc thought I drove to my appointment the day before so I figured it was a go on the driving. It's been 12 days since sugery and I can now put full weight on the big toe pad with a bit more added pain but tolerable. The Doc had to cut a bunion off and also cut bone off the top of the big knuckle so it will have room to bend after it heales. He said it won't bend like a healthy joint but there shouldn't be any pain. Hurrah! So far Id't say everything's turned out great. Looking forward to getting the pins out and this monstrosity called a shoe off my right foot. keep you posted. This old lap top has technical difficulties of its own mnt.man

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