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Post surgery 5th metatarsal Foot

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by bluewater97201, May 8, 2012.

  1. bluewater97201

    bluewater97201 New Member

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    Hi, I am had surgery for fifth Metatarsal break with plate and several screws. I am in about my seventh week. I was in a boot and now in a shoe type boot. I start PT tomorrow. I am finding my foot swells up quite a bit and I am struggling walking. Pain is more around my ankle then the foot. Can someone share what they went through and what the recovery time was like and if this is normal. Thanks for any information.
  2. MaggieAtlanta

    MaggieAtlanta New Member

    I had ankle pain and weakness as well from similar surgery. Ligaments and tendons become weak after being restricted in the boot for so many weeks. Your PT will help. Practice balancing on your injured foot to help strengthen your ankle. Mine would "pop" and was very week for months following surgery. Good luck!
  3. bluewater97201

    bluewater97201 New Member

    Thanks Maggie, so frustrating. I am not sure what is the normal recovery and just looking for folks that have been through this before. I am in week seven and still having significant swelling and pain. Thanks for responding. I am interested in hearing from others on what they experienced in recovery time.
  4. i broke my foot on 4th august had an op on the 7th where they put a plate in. i have a shoe cast on now and am due back on 14 th September. It is so frustrating to say the least1 I can balance my heel with the cast but as im only entering wk 4 could'nt imagine putting full weight on it for months let alone 2 wks??Its very tender and any pressure put on it accidentally gives great pain. hope yours is improving.
  5. I see this happened in April, I actually broke my 5th in May '12 with a compound fracture and had surgery to put a plate and screws in. It's almost December now and I am back to running very short distances, weights, swimming, etc. However, I feel the plate with everything I do. It isn't necessarily painful, just very annoying and uncomfortable. Since you are slightly ahead of me in recovery, have you had similar issues or do you not feel the plate?? I'm contemplated having it taken out, as the bone is now completely healed.
  6. TripleF

    TripleF Guest

    I'm in my 7th week post 5th metarsal surgery. I only had a pin, no plates or screws.

    About 3 days after getting my cast off my whole foot began swelling and developed a redish discoloration. And the whole ball of my foot just plain hurts. Doctors seems to want me to just give it time . . . but I can't help feeling like there is just something wrong in there.

    This is very different from the pains I do have from weak tendons . . . I can deal with those pains!

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. bluewater97201

    bluewater97201 New Member

    Have you had a rexamination with the doc? Ice and PT really helped me in recovery and also accupuncture. My concern would be for the redness. Hope you get better soon.

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