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Sudden bump on the side of my foot, painful

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Sarah-butterworth, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Sarah-butterworth

    Sarah-butterworth New Member

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    On friday night I felt a dull pain in my left foot, thought nothing of it as I've sometimes got little aches and pains that go away when walking. but satarday morning the place the pain was coming from is swollen and warm/hotish to the touch. its just past my heal, on the outser edge of my foot on the inside fleshy part. the pain does raidiat towards the middle of my foot too. I thought it was a blister, but its not, and I cant find anything in it and the skin isnt broken that I can see.
    It is slightly red this morning in places, sunday, and throbbs a bit, very painfull to walk on. but I wasnt doing anything at the time when it first started.
    I'm sure its not celulites, as I've had that before and I dont feel unwell.
    I guess I'm just looking to see if this is anything enyone else has experianced, as I'm not sure if this is an emergency or I should just wait and try and see my own GP tomorrow.
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    Sorry, there are so many structures in that area and possibilities as to what it could be, its almost impossible to even guess what it is.
  3. Sarah-butterworth

    Sarah-butterworth New Member

    Update for anyone also experiencing this problem.

    I did have an infection, and the Dr said I had 'Diabetic foot'. (dont google it O_O) took antibiotics and most of the swelling went down, the redness mostly faded and the heat went away. Was told to keep it up and rest it as much as possible.

    Left me still with a bump, and a tight, pulling feeling in the middle of my foot from heal to toes, it also stung like I'd been bitten after trying to walk on it.

    Just got back from the emergency Podiatry appointment, and she's almost sure I have 'Plantar Fasciitis', mostly because of my history.

    I had broken a bone in that foot 2 years ago, and when I did it I also dislocated and broke every bone in my other (right) ankle and tibia. With lots of complications, infections and 2 surgeries, so my left foot was taking a lot of strain for over a year. My feet are also long, thin and flat, so the Podiatrist said that was also a cause for 'Plantar Fasciitis' coming on suddenly with no warning. so with that and the trauma in both feet. she wasnt surprised.

    Now I'm on exercises and going back next week to see how it's going.

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