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Thick layered toenails

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Kathryn Roberts, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Kathryn Roberts

    Kathryn Roberts New Member

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    My daughter's big toe toenails grow lots of layers and are very thick. Her podiatrist tested for a fungus and that came back negative. She also tried Jublia with no change. She's 14 years old and hides her toenails all the time. She never wears flip flops or sandals. Help!
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Super Moderator

    The most likely reason is a fungal infection/tinea. There are a high % of false negatives for the testing.
  3. Doreen k133

    Doreen k133 Guest

    This sounds so much like my daughters big toenails, for years she’s had this problem and like you I’ve tried everything got samples tested came back negative for fungus , the doctor said she had excessive growth in her big toenails, anyway I brought her to A&E the doctors said they’ve never seen anything like that , she will have them both removed in two days time I’ll keep you updated with the results if you’d like ..

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