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Top of foot pain. Midtarsal fault?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I have reoccurring pain on the top of one of my feet. It's almost like a sore/burning type of pain. And it seems to happen most when I wear shoes. It seems to be happening in the midtarsal region. I can make it hurt if I put pressure on it and I think I feel when Im touching the nerve and a tingle shoots between the big and 2nd toe. The problem area is on the top of the foot above the arch.

    It also tends to radiate at times to the front lower leg almost feel like shin splints but its not.

    Does this sound like a mid-tarsal fault? Anyone ever have something like this before?
  2. Yes. You described exactly the trouble I'm having with my right foot.
  3. I also have very flat feet and my feet and worse when I walk I believe this is referred to as over pronation. Also have bunions on both feet and make it very difficult to find shoes that have a wide enough toebox to accommodate hot onions that are getting worse every day. Have you found a podiatrist that can help you? I am in the process of researching podiatrists. I have already been to a couple of foot bone surgeons who were of no help at all.

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