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How long after a foot fracture can I expect pain on walking?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by KMC, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Reena

    Reena Guest

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  2. Reena

    Reena Guest

    Hi broke my 5th metatarsal 8 weeks ago. I had a non displaced base fracture. I was in Paris plaster cast for a the a week with crutches until my fracture clinic appointment. I was given a choice at appointment to either have a proper cast or air boot. I have 2 young children and a working husband so I needed to be mobile so the air boot was ideal . Air boot was a lifesaver! 3 weeks in the boot I moved around the house with elevated resting of my foot whenever possible. At times it would swell up by the end of the day, my foot would feel tight in the boot but resting my foot on a cushion in bed overnight sorted that out. I also slept in the boot for the initial 3 weeks. It can be very depressing reading all the negative stuff on the net but I tried to stay positive. Did my best to stay positive. By the 4th week I took my boot off to go out with family and put some trainers on. I was fine walking around all evening, I even went and watched Halloween fireworks in my trainers without much trouble. I put my boot back on when I got home and to be honest I wasn't in much pain so I carried on for another week in my boot on and off until my appointment and thankfully I was discharged at 6 weeks without any physio or aftercare. I had a limp at first but I think that was due to the fact that I felt I might feel sharp pain but gradually I put on more weight as pain allowed and now I moving around normal with the odd aches and pains. Doctor did say it will take about 12 weeks for it to fully heal. But I would just like to say if u are going through it stay positive and don't read too much on the net. Before you know it, it'll be over! And bone will grow back much stronger then before.
  3. Krusl

    Krusl Guest

  4. Krusl

    Krusl Guest

    That helped a lot! I broke my 4th metatarsal almost 2 months ago . I am going today to get my hard cast off and it feels amazing !! It's hard when you have to be dependent on others for basic things. It doesn't sound funny at all .
  5. This person is IN PAIN. And... who called the spelling police, anyway? Shame on you.
  6. TheresaG

    TheresaG New Member

    According to my knowledge, I think it's 2 weeks..
  7. shannon33

    shannon33 Guest

    Here's my foot story - I now tell people never EVER break your 5th metatarsal...
    I'm a dancer, and while doing a leap I slammed the top of my foot down on a hardwood floor and broke my 4th and 5th metatarsals in 5 places on July 3rd. The 4th was reset in the doctor's office, and then I was given a soft cast and a boot up to my knee. Due to number and nature of the breaks, my doctor very much did not want to operate unless absolutely necessary.

    I stayed in the soft cast for a month - a very long month. After three months, the 4th was healed 30% (delayed union) and the 5th was labeled a non-union, and I started using an Exogen bone stimulator. A CT scan finally showed that the bone had healed, but was still very fragile, on January 3rd - 6 months after the original break. (I was completely non weight bearing this entire time.) I was then given permission to start 50% weight bearing with crutches for one week in the boot, and then 100% weight bearing in the boot for a week, then no boot.

    I'm now walking with a sturdy shoe, but my ankle is so weak from not walking for 6 months that I'm using a cane quite a bit. I'm also using a heel cushion because my foot is not used to any weight. I've gotten a lot of mobility back into my foot since I was given the okay to start exercising it and icing my ankle helps a lot too. I took a shower standing up for the first time yesterday since July which was awesome - baby steps... I go back in April to hopefully be cleared to do everything as I'm still not allowed to walk barefoot. I never thought that breaking a foot would be an almost year-long recovery.
  8. Kelsey Z

    Kelsey Z Guest

  9. Kelsey Z

    Kelsey Z Guest

    Thank You so much it is wonderful to finally find something positive. I broke my 5th metatarsal clean across shaft 3 weeks ago. In a boot currently until week 6 , in little to no pain. Not wearing boot at night and sometimes walking without it in the evening. Foot seems to be healing well, very little swelling. So many negative post about the healing process, very stressful situation already . Looking forward to dropping this boot. Thanks
  11. Crazy doing that with a broken foot
  12. Morris Williams

    Morris Williams New Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions!!
  13. Mel

    Mel Guest

  14. Mel

    Mel Guest

    Hi there,
    Curious how long it was before you got back into your heels? I've done the same fracture almost 3 weeks ago. I'm walking around with no boot or cast, just hard sole shoe, the pain each day is less and less but I'm still not bearing % weight..
    My dilemma is I'm off to America in 4 weeks and want to get my heels back on:( I'm being optimistic and doing everything possible to make it happen! Praise the universe!!
    So just curious what time frame it was before you were comfortable wearing shoes?

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