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Jones Fracture

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Unregistered, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

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    I sustained a Jones Fracture about six weeks ago. I have been reading a lot of these posts and realize these things don't like to heal but do they ever heal in 6-8 weeks? My doctor informed me to be good and for the most part have been. I go back to the doctor in a weeks time. Is there any hope that it will just be healed?
  2. Succinct

    Succinct New Member

    Depends a LOT on your age - if you are in your 20's I'd say maybe you have a chance, just don't expect to be 100% yet. If you are older, then your chances of healing diminish in that amount of time. Just my opinion. Everyone's different.
  3. Succinct

    Succinct New Member

    So after an initial injury date of 2/18/2011 (at age 48), I was FINALLY able to walk again in March 2012!! How? Here is my timeline:
    - Initial injury was 2/18, non-weight-bearing (NWB) for 8 weeks, didn't heal
    - Had surgery to insert screw on 5/2/12.
    - Was cleared to walk on 7/12/12 and sent to PT, foot still swollen, but getting better each day
    - In August, foot began hurting MORE rather than less.
    - In agony by September, x-ray showed foot was RE-FRACTURED and the screw was broken within the bone!
    - I switched Drs. New doctor said surgery would be very intrusive and reconstructive since would have to tear 5th Metatarsal apart to remove both screw pieces, recommended NWB for 3 months to see if it would heal first.
    - On 12/5/11, Dr. said it looked "50:50, could go either way" (he saw some healing, I felt NO better). So he said "Let's give it 3 more months and see what happens!" (3 MORE months NWB for a total of SIX freakin' months on a scooter/cart).
    - Finally on 3/5/12, Dr. said the bone was "mostly healed" (around the screw pieces, never needed that intrusive surgery after all), but still have a large bone mass to deal with at fracture site. Dr. prescribed (expensive) soft orthotics, which he Dremeled to take load/stress off 5th-meta Fx site. I am wearing regular shoes now, but with the orthotic inserts. I lost 31 pounds since Sept 2011 (from 224 to 193), so was feeling pretty good too.

    So here I am on 4/6/12 (almost 14 months post-injury) and just last week I felt like it was FINALLY getting a little better, altho my walking is still gimpy after 6 months NWB (and let's face it I am a little paranoid after being told I could walk in July only to re-break this thing!). Today (Good Friday), I decided to repair my pressure washer and then wash the car and change the spark plugs and my foot is now moderately painful and definitely more swollen than this morning. I don't think I've re-broken it but pushed it too much. Will have to take it easy the rest of the 3-day weekend and go with elevate and ice. I really wonder if this will EVER end...
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    i was diagnosed with a jones fracture 6 weeks ago. i recently had my cast removed and i have not put any weight on it since the injury. the doctor told me to put 30% weight on the foot and exercise my ankle. the crack in the bone is still visible but the doctor said that the bone is slowly starting to fuse together. i was just wondering how exactly is putting weight on the foot going to help the healing process? should i wait a week or two before i start bearing weight on the foot or go ahead and start? what are the benefits of doing this? any info would be great. thanks.
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    i'm with you on this one! i was diagnosed with a jones fracture in january, have been nwb ever since and was told at my appt last week that i can start putting weight on it next week. i've seen the xray and he pointed out that part of the bone was bridging but part of it hadn't yet (11 or so weeks in). after he told me i would be able to put 25% of my weight on it he told me that if it starts to hurt or i hear a popping noise to come back in.. POPPING?? as in the bone rebreaking?? i'm planning on going to see my family dr in a few days just to get her oppinion as well but, was wondering if anyone else had been told that too? to just walk on it and hope for the best? that worries me a bit...
  6. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I sustained a Jones Fracture a while ago and have a Dr. appt this upcoming Friday. Friday will be just short of 7 full weeks since the injury. I was very good about nwb for the first five weeks but have kinda been cheating since. I started slowly and limped heavily at first when I would do things like go to the bathroom. A week after starting to cheat I find myself walking without a limp, other than the forced limp from the boot, with virtually no pain or discomfort. So basically, I can walk on my foot with no pain while in the boot. I'm not walking at all without the boot on so I don't know what that would be like. Am I shooting myself in the foot by walking on it or is the lack of pain a good sign? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. latigresse

    latigresse New Member


    Is your Jones fx nondisplaced? How did it look on the films? Are you also using crutches?

    While I've read these fractures should be NWB for 6-8 weeks, my doctors gave me a post-op shoe ONE week after my Jones fx (nondisplaced) and told me to try to walk on it while bearing 15 Kgs of weight (foot/leg still casted, of course). They said that putting a small bit of weight on it will stimulate bone healing. I did as instructed and haven't had any pain (which I'm also guessing is a good sign). The idea behind it is something called Wolff's Law, where a bone will adapt to the loads it's placed under and strengthen under pressure.

    Anyway, I was back at the hospital three weeks after (one month post fx), and the x-ray showed signs of healing (fractured area was opaque and filling in -- VERY good sign), but not enough to lose the cast. So they said I had to remain casted another month. I'm now six weeks post fx and I've got two weeks more to go. I've been placing a wee bit more weight on it as well, but not ALL, and also ONLY in the boot. I still use the crutches, too, and I keep it elevated when I'm sitting. Hopefully, it will be healed well enough in two weeks to remove the cast *fingers & toes x'd*

    What you're experiencing sounds good, but it would be interesting to see the x-rays at this point. Let us know what happens.

    All the best to you.
  8. PattyCakes

    PattyCakes Guest

    Hello Fellow Jones's,
    It seems I fell for exclusive membership in this club. I managed to walked right off the side of a porch. About 4 ft later, I knew I had broken my foot! No and's if's or but's about it! And for the record, no alcohol or illicit drugs were involved.

    I am a 54 year old female who took a very expensive ride though Ft. Lauderdale in an ambulance; spoiling my vacation. The ER doctor told me I had a Jones Fracture. He put a splint on my foot and gave me crutches with instructions to see an orthopedic doctor and ... NWB. I did not realize how bad this was until 2 weeks had went by when I saw an orthopedic specialist who then sent me to see his partner; the orthopedic surgeon.
    I was then told I have a couple of fractures the Jones Fracture being the worst. I was given the option of a long recovery time and hoping it healed or surgery. I decided to wait and see if it could heal itself mostly because by the time they could get to me for surgery I would have 4 weeks behind me. I am at 4 weeks now and wondering if I made the right choice. Although the surgeon told me that I could put weight on my Booted foot as tolerated. My foot can not tolerate any weight! I see the doctor in 3 more weeks to see if there is any signs of the bone knitting. Any advise or words of encouragement would be appreciated! My prayers include my new club members, please include me in yours!
    Ms. Patty
  9. Hopalong

    Hopalong Guest

    I've had a Jones fracture for almost 4 weeks now. I've been NWB for most of that time, although it took us 2 weeks to figure out what was wrong. I was actually sent home after the second x-ray, told it wasn't broken, then called back the next morning and told not to put weight on it. In the interim, I figured I was just being a wimp and tried to weight bear a little. Then I went back in and got a partial cast followed a week later with an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who gave me a boot cast. It took me a few days to get my foot to cooperate with the boot because it was a different position than my foot had been in for the last few weeks.

    Its still a bit sore, its never been very painful. I'm also a teacher, but I've gone back to work. At least then I'm busy enough not to fuss over my foot all day. I'm getting pretty good at the crutches thing and I'm being very careful not to put weight on it.

    I find sometimes it feels a bit swollen and weird. Last night, I woke up to a leg cramp. I'm trying to keep a positive mind set, take my vitamins, eat healthy, stay hydrated and remember that there are far worse things that could happen.

    Very sad that I'm going to spend the summer not able to do the things I love no matter whether my next appt at 7 months ends in surgery or if its starting to heal on my own and I have to stay off it for another 2 months anyways.

    At least I should be hopefully functional by next school year.
  10. bevin

    bevin New Member

    Hi Foot Doc- I have my second Jones Fracture in 6 years. First on my left foot, That took 5 months non weight bearing in both cast and a boot; finally clearance of the fracture being fully healed was 9 months later. My newest fracture (jones), is the right foot - that bone is in 3 pieces. The fracture happened 3 weeks ago. The jones fracture is a complete fracture, but all bones aligned. They thought I'd heal without surgery but of course will take time.

    I got a new cast put on yesterday as my first one was too big after all the shrinkage from swelling. When the PA was putting the cast on he was really pressing hard on my foot and positioning it for a recast. I tell you it felt like it was breaking. Now I'm a bit concered as I didnt have pain before ( pain from break was pretty minimal after 2 weeks) , Now after re-cast I have pain. It also feels like my foot is not flat in the cast, as if it is slanted up on the outer side.

    I hate calling the office as I have begun to feel lika a PITA. Your thoughts? Could the PA pressing on the foot so much and when positioning foot for the new cast cause problems ? could it pull the facture apart? These may be to specific of questions for the forum, but grateful for your input.
  11. Hopalong

    Hopalong Guest

    I'm 12 days from my next appointment. I'm hoping that it is healing, but I'm concerned that it doesn't feel better and that it may be feeling a bit worse. I have been absolutely good about not weight bearing save once when I lost my balance on a chair and it tapped the floor before I shifted my fall and avoided pulling my full weight on it.

    I have the same experience as Bevin, little pain before I got the boot, and sometimes in the boot it feels like its uncomfortable. At first, my foot would spasm and cramp because it was in a different position. That doesn't happen any more though.

    I was told I could take the boot off, if I was sitting on the couch to air my foot and to shower. I was wondering if it was appropriate to use heat on the injured foot (thinking that heat tends to open up blood flow and that a lack of blood flow is the problem.)

    Right now, outside conditions are a problem - we are expecting (I know it is May, but I live far in the north) 10-15 cm of snow after a day of rain (on existing snow) and freezing rain. Its going to be fun skating on one foot to work tomorrow.

    If anyone has any suggestions about the best things I can do, other than not weight bearing and being patient and eating healthily I can do to increase my chances of not needing surgery and possibly getting off crutches before September, I'd be greatful.


  12. bevin

    bevin New Member

    Hey Hopalong - love your name.

    I feel sorry for you with the snow. I was in snow for my first Jones fx. They do have tops you can put on your crutchs for snow/ice. If you have a mobility store in your area or a sigical supply store, call them. They can help. Another suggestion for snow is of course a wheelchair or scooter. Its covered on my insurance for durable medical devices; perhaps with the snow, your insurance will cover rental of those items too?

    Sorry that you're going through this. I know how awful it is.

    I am still in a cast and saw the doctor yesterday. I go back in 3 weeks; she said, I may get my cast off pending xrays results and go to a big boot. I'm praying for that. The whole shower ordeal with a cast, is a pain.

    Keep me posted and let me know how you make out with the snow.

  13. Hopalong

    Hopalong Guest

    Thanks for your thoughts. The good news is that the roads are clear and most of my walk to school is now down to mud. The weather did not deliver 15 cm of snow, and did deliver enough rain to wash most of the snow down. I've been using the crutch spikes since I started, but I was struggling with soft snow and large puddles. There are no store here and I don't think a wheel chair would travel well over the terrain. I'm thinking about asking for one for the summer so that I can get outside more and travel longer distances. I really have a short distance for crutching around. Its okay inside, but I don't think I could go more than 500 m in one go.

    I hear you about casts, I was in a partial one for less than a week, and it made me crazy. I just hope my foot is healing properly. I think with the lack of a regular doctor up here (thus making it impossible to regularly change or fit or even take off a cast) may have led me to get a boot earlier. I was a bit surprised, but I feel that it keeps my foot pretty immobile, but allows me to adjust it if its really uncomfortable.

    I hope you are healing quickly too. I'll post an update after my next appt.
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Dear Foot Dr.,
    I am looking for some advice. I need to call my dr, but I'm not sure how or what to ask him. About... 2.5-3 weeks ago I managed to acquire a Jones Fracture :( the orthopedist have me a choice between cast or walking boot, with the cast I'd have to use crutches, with the boot, I didn't. I'm a stay at home mom in a new area with no family or friends as of yet to help me. My children are 1 and 3 and so of course I am goin to be carrying them and having to move around a lot. My boot feels like it is actually hurting my foot, and it is constantly swollen. The dr gave me no restrictions in weight or anything, but I am seeing many people stating they were in a walking boot and non-weight bearing? I saw my extays, the bones were clearly separated and had shifted slightly so half towards the little toe was higher than the other half. The Dr. Said it wasn't a large shift and should heal ok. But I am worried. I do not want to go through 6 weeks of wearing this boot and being unable to even play with my kids properly... I healthy, fit and active and my babies are use to mommy running around, chasing them, takin them on adventure walks etc.... I don't want to have the Dr blow me off and then discover I did not heal as I should have, go through 6 weeks of pain and restriction only to be told I need surgery... I have to be able to take care of my kids. Any advice you may have for my conversation with my Dr. Would be appreciated greatly... Thank you
  15. POB

    POB Guest

    Foot Doc, I need some advice as well. On July 30th, 2012 I sustained a Jones fracture in Jiu Jitsu. I received a fiberglass cast with a check up every 2 weeks. This question is not case specific as that is ridiculous to answer on a forum. I'm just curious as to what my restrictions with my cast are and this specific fracture. Can I rest my heel on the ground while I am sitting in a chair? Can I move my toes in the cast since it can get uncomfortable from time to time. I get nervous if something bumps into my cast. Can I stretch my leg out or will that pull on the Peroneus Brevis Tendon and affect my 5th metatarsal by pulling on it disrupting healing. I might be over thinking it but I'm nervous. I should have asked my Doctor but I forgot.

    Also, I'm 22 years old, do not smoke or drink, and am very active, and my diet is superb. I am not afraid of the actual healing just me interrupting the healing process.
  16. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    To another unregistered
    "It is at its worst when first getting up from sleeping or resting my feet; and with walking, abates somewhat but does not go away."

    I am not a doctor, but I have had this type of pain. It was plantar fasciitis. He injected my feet with my own plasma, I walked in a boot for a while. It totally did the trick! (I saw a podiatrist.)
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I sustained an incomplete jones fracture on 9th March. I am on crutches with no cast just tubigrip. I am not weight bearing. I can move my ankle up and down as my foot is not immobilize. Can my fracture heal that way? Do I need a cast?
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2013
  18. Stu

    Stu Guest

    I sustained a jones fracture in the beginning of April and am writing to share my experience.. My fracture consisted of two, non-displaced breaks. When I went to the podiatrist, I was given a walking boot and told to bear weight according to pain tolerance. Throughout this 6 week period, I was on and off the crutches, and bearing weight quite often. I did almost everything I used to do, just with the boot on. After 6 weeks, my doctor took the boot off and did some x-rays. He assured me that there was enough healing to start walking with a regular shoe. I personally, didn't feel like my foot was anywhere close to healed. I still had pain in one of the areas where the break occurred and was still limping around. I really thought my foot was never going to heal and that the doctor screwed me over. I'm an active 23 yr old student, so the fear of being in another cast for the rest of the summer was debilitating. Although I still had pain after the boot removal, I kept walking, and fought through the pain. I'd say at about 2 weeks out of my boot removal, the healing progressed very quickly. Everyday it feels better. I am now back playing basketball and doing everything I used to do before the fracture. Its currently been about 9 1/2 weeks since the day of the fracture and I can honestly say I'm at about 80% back to full strength. There is still a little bit of soreness after physical activity but the overall pain at the fracture site is minimal.. I'm trying to take it easy now and not re-injure anything but things are on the up-swing. I'm Sharing my experience to explain that not all jones fractures end in Horror stories
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  19. Chris09

    Chris09 New Member

    Thanks for posting this Stu. I sustained a Jones Fracture 10 weeks ago today and we've had very similar recoveries. I'm doing cycling, swimming, weight training. I've still got a few minor symptoms, so I've decided not to start running yet, but feel like I'm making a really good recovery. The masses of negative Jones Fracture stories on the Web were regular bedtime reading during my 6 weeks in the boot. Even though I was recovering really well from a pain point of view, I was convinced the Surgeon was gong to say it hasn't healed and you need an operation.

    Instead he said, "It's healed, get the boot off, start working on it and if something hurts don't do it".

  20. HelpUsAll

    HelpUsAll New Member

    Could you please describe your symptom when you hurt your foot? I have no bruise and if my foot is swollen, I can barely notice it. Finally, I feel discomfort and pain when I put pressure on it, but it doesn't hurt like crazy. All other signs are pointing that I might have a stress/jones fracture. I am about your age. Any input?

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